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  • 6. August 2019

    A truly rare sight BMW 8 Series Coupé in duet with AEZ Crest.

    A truly rare sight

    With the 8 Series Coupé, BMW has unveiled a masterpiece that might make you hold your breath for a moment. Even more so when you look at the price … from 100,000 Euros upwards breathing steadily becomes difficult. Unfortunately, this unique piece will therefore probably not be seen on the streets very frequently.

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  • 30. July 2019

    Rim cleaning Give it a spit shine!

    Rim cleaning

    Often, they are the true eye candy on cars: Rims are now available in a great variety of sizes, colours and different designs. However, far too often, the cleaning of rims is put in second place. But only clean rims look gorgeous and make heads turn. If you keep your rims clean, only then you will get a kick out of the alloys in the long run, because, for example, it will prevent brake dust from burning into the rim finish. With a little bit of clean and care, irreversible damages can easily be avoided.

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