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  • 15. July 2021

    The journey is the destination On tour with AEZ

    The journey is the destination

    AEZ always raises the bar, offering quality “Made in Germany” in addition to trendy, extravagant designs in combination with the highest technical precision.
    The free-of-registration multi-spokes talent, the AEZ Steam, meets all of these attributes and is ready to strike a new path.

  • 28. June 2021

    The ABC of AEZ rims. Acronyms debunked.

    The ABC of AEZ rims.

    Rims are still one of the most popular and simple ways of putting some oomph into one’s car. We usually get into our cars without ever giving a thought to the supporting role of rims or, technically correct, wheels. The merchandise mark “Made in Germany” is not just a marketing gag at AEZ Leichtmetallräder – it stands for highest quality and maximum safety. Not only do AEZ rims correspond to the legal regulations, they even exceed them. Before you select your desired rim, have a look at the information below and find out what really counts.