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  • 12. September 2022

    Sporty footgear for handling artist AEZ PORTO BLACK MEETS CUPRA BORN

    Sporty footgear for handling artist

    The Cupra is widely considered Seat’s sporty offshoot. Since 2018, Cupra has been operating as a proprietary brand, focusing on sportiness while going for a powerful look. With the Born, Cupra is launching its first all-electric car which, technically, is closely related to the VW ID.3, whereas in terms of design it varies significantly from its group sibling. The racy Spaniard has an ideal playmate in the AEZ Porto black which, due to its high payload in excess of 800kg, is especially suitable for e-models sporting heavy batteries. With its detailed and slightly mysterious design, it harmonises beautifully with the extrovertly styled Born, as you can see clearly in this video. In the fitted dimension 8x20, ET45 with 215/45 tyres, the combination looks very sportive, fully in line with Cupra Born’s inner values.

  • 24. August 2022

    Clean summer ride Win with AEZ and FRAGO

    Clean summer ride

    Summer’s here, the sun is out, the car is shining and the rims are sparkling... Or not? For obvious reasons, we cannot command the weather, however, we do have some life hacks up our sleeves for a clean car and sparkly rims.