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  • 6. May 2021

    Wheel care and cleaning Rims want to shine

    Wheel care and cleaning

    You have just dug up the summer tyres and fitted them. Now it’s time to wash off the winter dust because rims want one thing above everything else – a shine!
    Wheels are the eye-candy of many cars, impressing onlookers with their exceptional design elements and diversity of shape. But if you really want your rims to look their best, you need to care for them regularly. As early as in the first spring clean, you can prep your rims for long-lasting protection and shine by cleaning them properly and using the right care products.

  • 15. April 2021

    Innovation down to the last detail Athletic AEZ rims add the final touch to sporty newcomers

    Innovation down to the last detail

    Current trends show that in 2021 sporty models with a lot of power will continue to be in high demand. AEZ presents three new cars featuring a mix of sporty coupé contours, plenty of interior space comfort and an athletic character. If you you’re going for state-of-the-art, you will find the perfect match for these models in the AEZ Aruba and AEZ Panama, two highly load-bearing and powerful rims.