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  • 11. July 2024

    Customised for the e-future THE RIGHT RIMS FOR MODERN E-CARS

    Customised for the e-future

    When it comes to construction, e-cars differ from combustion engines primarily in their design, performance, and weight. This naturally affects the choice of rims. Good aerodynamics are a top priority in the design of e-cars.

  • 14. June 2024

    A safe ride needs the right WTT That’s right, this is about Wheels, Tyres, and TPMS.

    A safe ride needs the right WTT

    Here’s what you should know for a safe new wheel/tyre combination:

    What is crucial about Wheels, Tyres, and TPMS, and what role does each of these three play? In the following, we’ll explain why all three must fit together, how to quickly find your desired wheel, and how to fit your car brand’s hubcaps into the new wheels.