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  • 17. May 2022

    Charged up space master The VW ID.4 meets the AEZ Porto black

    Charged up space master

    VW forges ahead undeterred: With the ID.4, the Wolfsburg manufacturer shows that they are serious about e-mobility. The e-SUV combines sustainability with a well-thought-out space concept. The fully electric Volkswagen draws even more attention when equipped with rims from the AEZ range where strong design meets high load-bearing and ECE approvals. Our example shows an especially successful combination: VW’s ID.4 and the new cross-spoked AEZ Porto in the colour variation black.

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  • 22. April 2022

    Design-strong duo The Cupra Formentor and the AEZ Porto dark

    Design-strong duo

    Both are brand-new, both are blessed with expressive form. When extrovert car design from Spain meets the most recent variety of a classic cross-spoke, the result has to be exciting. And, once again, AEZ proves that it wastes no time to react to new car models, always presenting the matching rims with the necessary certifications.