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  • 7. May 2019

    An electrifying combination Two novelties that are highly convincing together – the AEZ Panama dark meets the Jaguar I-Pace.

    An electrifying combination

    Jaguar pounces big time: If the luxury vehicle car brand decides to launch a fully electric car, it will be in the form of an SUV. The noble giant exceeds its competitors also as regards the price while, at the same time, offering a highly sophisticated overall package.
    With the I-Pace, the tradition-steeped carmaker presents an appealing combination of elegance and efficiency. The design is aerodynamic, a short bonnet and the rounded rear window ensure little air resistance, providing the Jaguar with a range of up to 450 km.

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  • 16. April 2019

    Perfect playmates BMW X5 and AEZ Strike

    Perfect playmates

    One is light and dynamic while the other exudes a powerful yet elegant presence. The AEZ Strike and the BMW X5 – with this pair, you will always play to win.

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