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  • 26. November 2020

    AEZ Approval-free into spring From Aruba to Leipzig

    AEZ Approval-free into spring

    2021 AEZ is dedicated to a beautiful city and one of the most famous Caribbean islands. With the two brand new rim designs Leipzig and Aruba, AEZ presents the news of the coming year. Although very different in design and fitments, both designs have something important in common. Approval-free application thanks to ECE and ABE.

  • 15. November 2020

    Perfect performance meets quality guarantee This winter, stay on track with AEZ and the new Mercedes and BMW models

    Perfect performance meets quality guarantee

    Innovation and sophisticated craftsmanship won’t let you down this winter season. AEZ has found reliable partners in the newest Mercedes and BMW models which promise not only quality and safe driving pleasure but also come in the latest look.

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