Ready for Winter?

It happens faster than you think!
Ready for Winter

Do you know the memory hook “Winter tyres from O to E"? What does it stand for and what does “adequate winter equipment obligation” really mean? At www.readyforwinter.eu, just before the start of the tyre changing period, ALCAR has summarised the major points for you to be ready for the chilly time of year.

From O to E

From “October To Easter” is the simplest memory hook every car owner needs to bear in mind, because winter tyres are mandatory in many European countries. Even though test results for all-season tyres have been positive in the past few years, nothing has been able to beat the "real" winter tyre. Rims and tyres as a unit are your only and hence vital connection to the road. Therefore, no compromises must be made when it comes to tyres.

Changing tyres equals safety

When the temperature drops to +7°C or below, you must fit winter tyres to your car. Only winter tyres bearing the markings M+S, M.S. or M&S in combination with the "Alpine" symbol and a minimum tread depth of 4 mm (diagonal tyres 5 mm) are permitted by law. Winter tyres differ in tread and rubber compound from summer tyres. Winter tyres are softer and therefore more elastic at lower temperatures than harder summer tyres.

Wheelfred. A likeable protagonist with flaws.

Wheelfred is a friendly, likeable and safety-conscious driver. However, his safety

consciousness has scope for improvement. This becomes obvious when watching the three AEZ Autumn Campaign short videos. But luckily, Wheelfred is open to conviction.

Specialist dealers all across Europe offer 100 percent approved solutions

You can tell true specialists by how they fulfil wishes and solve problems: quick, simple and, above all, easy-to-understand. Knowledge, experience, quality awareness and an uncomplicated and quick service separates the wheat from the chaff. More than 23,000 ALCAR specialist dealers across Europe are specialists for rims, tyres and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) – often just around the corner! But see for yourselves, configure your car and find your specialist dealer at AEZ 3D rim configurator.