E-mobility and alloy rims – Quo vadis?

Alloy rims remain indispensable.
Tesla Model S on AEZ Steam.Forged

Cars and the associated mobility and freedom have been undergoing a pioneering change for some time now. No other transportation means is under higher daily scrutiny. Ever since dieselgate, we all know that new concepts are required. Despite of this, new registration figures remain constant on a high level, with the sole difference being: The type of drive changes in terms of shifting away from the classic combustion engine towards alternative types of drive such as electricity or hybrid concepts. But what does this development mean for light alloy wheels which have been in use for roughly 90 years?

Light alloy wheels, often called rims, will remain indispensable for cars in the future, too. Rims are still the gold standard of finishing for two-track vehicles. In an effort to continuously offer optimal solutions, the development division of AEZ is constantly focusing on changes in mobility.

In the following, please find a selection of rims for fully electrically operated vehicles that range among the top 5 of new passenger car registrations in Europe.

Tesla Model S

The registration figures since 2017 add up to roughly 3,000 units. That’s impressive insofar as that this car not only is the fastest fully electrically operated car on the market, but also one of the most expensive ones. In the light of this, AEZ set out to develop something special.

Tesla Model S on AEZ Steam.Forged - 3D-Configurator

AEZ recommends: AEZ Steam.forged

With the Forged Series, AEZ has accomplished the step into the premier class of light alloy wheels. The AEZ Steam.forged is the first AEZ forged wheel with ECE approval and therefore completely free of approval for the Tesla Motors S and X Models. The forged alloy rims have their origin in the racing and motorsports scene owing to very high stability, very low weight and the resulting perfect suitability for the sports-minded driver. With a weight reduction of up to 30 percent, AEZ still manages to offer high bearing loads while increasing mileage.

VW e-Golf

With roughly 5,300 new registrations since 2017, the VW e-Golf is one of the most popular electric vehicles. From the comprehensive AEZ rim range we have chosen two of our favourites for you.

AEZ recommends: AEZ Crest

The cross-spokes design has long been a classic in the rim market, and with the light alloy rim Crest, AEZ has created a design icon in this segment. In the dimension 8.0x18-inch and a 48 offset, this is a free-of-approval option. This combination comes with VTA (vehicle type approval; ABE in Germany) that is valid in Germany.

E-Golf on AEZ Crest

Did you know that …

… if you look at the entire service life of an electric car, it fares significantly better than combustion engine vehicles in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption? Electric engines emit no pollutants and are independent of fossil energy sources in the long run.

An additional advantage is the “packaging”. Without a bulky engine, electric cars allow for more space in the interior than comparably sized conventional cars.


Kia Soul electric

With roughly 4,900 new registrations since 2017, the KIA Soul electric is also among the top e-cars in terms of new passenger car registrations in Europe.

AEZ recommends: AEZ Straight dark

With its special finish in graphite matte, the ten-spokes design stands out and is both a sporty and serious choice. In the dimension 8.0x18 and a 48 offset, no registration in the car documents is required due to an existing VTA certification.

Kia Soul on AEZ Straight dark

Did you know that …

… electric engines generate 100% of their output off the cuff, in other words, they accelerate surprisingly fast from the low-end torque? This makes the Tesla Model S one of the fastest accelerating cars of all times.

You already own an e-car? Then, why don’t you try out our “rim wardrobe” and select your dream rim.