Thinking in new dimensions

The AEZ Steam and the new Audi A8.
The new Audi A8 on AEZ Steam

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The A8 must be described more as something of a luxury liner, since the limousine is hard to overlook with its 5.20 m. A car, often used as a status symbol, because the A8 exudes immaculate dominance, leaving onlookers awestruck.

The new model succeeds the 2002 predecessor and is slightly bigger all over. Right from the grill, which is huge, the long snout and up to the shiners that provide a wow effect when they turn night into day.

And the wow effect goes on

Slamming doors was yesterday, a central locking system locks the doors silently and lets the driver dive into a feel-good atmosphere, far away from every-day traffic noise.

The interior space promises premium quality and elegant, technical perfection. As soon as the car starts up at the touch of a button, you feel more like sitting in a top modern private jet cockpit. From this moment on, the A8 does without any buttons or switches, not it’s all: touch & wish. Three screens display a variety of different information, the language assistant allows for hands-free operation, the top-of-the-line speaker system automatically escapes the A-pillars, and the driver seat positions itself on its own.

Audi A8 on AEZ Steam - Side Shot

It drives itself, almost

The A8 does not ride, it glides, and it does it as safely as possible.

An active chassis makes sure that according to the car’s position, every wheel can be loaded and unloaded individually. A highlight: If the system’s sensors register a possible side impact, the car receives a slight lift that results in the reduction of the impact forces by 50 percent.

Furthermore, a total of 41 driver assistance systems and up to 400 personalised functions for highest travel convenience… However, it’s easy to lose track of things with so much technology at hand.

Audi A8 on AEZ Steam

Getting the hang of it

At first, the many gadgets and assist systems may interfere with your driving, but today’s smartphone users will come to grips with the installed technology highlights in the blink of an eye. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it you dive into a new dimension of riding pleasure. And just so the A8 has proper road grip, with the AEZ Steam, it comes with a masterpiece.

ECE-approved masterpiece

The AEZ Steam fitted in 265/40 R20 is modern and classic. A fivefold decorative drill in the centre area lends more depth to the wheel, and the 15 edgy spokes round off the exceptional yet sporty look. The extravagant alloy rim has the additional advantage of being ECE-approved. This means no troublesome registrations, as the AEZ Steam is free of approval – simply fit the wheel and go.
The A8 reaches a new dimension of technology and with the AEZ Steam gets a multi-talent that keeps it grounded.