Summiteer with Class

The AEZ Crest & Jaguar E-PACE.
The new Jaguar E-Pace on AEZ Crest

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Flying high

Those who trust the Jaguar brand look for elegance, style and class, paired up with state-of-the art technology and convenience. With the E-Pace, the car manufacturers from England have their finger on the pulse of the time, launching a sporty and compact SUV on the market. In an effort to be closer to competition from Germany, this Jaguar is even produced in Austria, because the market for snazzy SUVs is not to be underestimated in the alpine country.

Dynamic cornering

At first glance, the E-Pace embodies agility and dynamic – a true summiteer that has no difficulties handling bends as well as ascents and descents. Thanks to precise, direct steering, a change of course is no stumbling block either. Be it the diesel or the fuel variation, the turbo-charged 2-l four-cylinder engine has enough power to dynamically cruise through the rolling hills. Thanks to traction-ensuring four-wheel-drive and technologies such as Active Driveline and Adaptive Dynamics, winding roads pose no challenge.

The new Jaguar E-Pace on AEZ Crest - Back Shot

In series convenience

The big cat’s interior space offers plenty of space for passengers who can board the SUV easily thanks to the high entry point. The cockpit features premium quality, is driver-friendly and has a standard head-up display as well as a 10-inch screen with touch screen. Once you are seated behind the wheel you have full control over all knobs and switches, so that your focus remains on the road. If you happen to get distracted for a moment, the top assistance systems are there to help. These useful assists range from pedestrian recognition with emergency brake assist to driver alert and traffic-sign recognition.

The new Jaguar E-Pace on AEZ Crest - Wheel Detail Shot

Hard-loading support

The storage space in this SUV is nothing to be sneezed at, as it offers the largest one in its class. The driver’s area also has flexible storage places installed, and the glove compartment provides plenty of safe-keeping space.

One thing you should bear in mind: The more you load, the heavier it will become, and this one’s no lightweight to begin with. The E-Pace puts an impressive load of 1.9 tons on the road and receives the best support from the AEZ Crest, as this wheel is perfectly adapted for heavy vehicles and carries them with ease.

The new Jaguar F-Pace on AEZ Crest dark - Side Shot

Powerful light alloy

The AEZ Crest, fitted on the Jaguar with 235/40 R21, brings out the Jaguar’s aggressiveness and sportiness owing to its edgy, double cross-spokes design. The technically advanced smart centre provides the centre are with a finer, more compact line. Whether in dark or high-gloss, the rim is a design classic, and highly popular particularly among vehicles in the premium segment.

No matter whether you’re off-road or in the city, with the Jaguar E-Pace and the AEZ Crest you’re always riding in a class of its own.