AEZ Steam & Steam graphite

AEZ Steam & Steam gr

Free of approval, made in Germany, with a classic design that is perfectly in line with modern cars. This best describes the new AEZ rim. In the elegant trending colour gunmetal front polished, the seemingly classic multi-spokes wheel clearly sets itself apart from the mishmash of mass alloy rims.

15 edgy spokes combine elegance and a sporty design. A balanced and proportionally stepped centre area catches the eye at the centre of the rim. The designers have refined the rim by allowing for a five-fold decorative bore in the centre area, thereby enhancing the wheel’s visual depth in every dimension.

AEZ Steam on BMW6

15 spokes, or five times a triple pair. Both observations are right because technically these details were refined

by burnishing. Towards the centre area the individual spokes are bent inwards, which explains the naming – AEZ Steam. Nomen est omen? Associations with turbines are absolutely intended. The “steam” lies in the detail.

AEZ Steam

100 percent technology and design

Both technically and visually, the new alloy rim matches 100 percent to a number of car brands including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Volvo, and also Alfa Romeo. All wheels are fix bored. This means that centring requires no rings, and in many cases the manufacturers’ series fixtures match. In addition, the rim is suitable for OE centre caps for the car brands Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Mini.

Owing to numerous applications for this rim model, staggered wheel fitment isn’t just a catchphrase here, but says it all. Take production estate cars, for example, which can be equipped with 7.5x19-inch on the front axle and 9x19-inch dimensions on the rear axle, always depending on the production combination of the respective car.

AEZ Steam on BMW6

What does “free of approval with ECE mean”?

AEZ has put an end to annoying approvals and paperwork with the new Steam graphite, offering an ECE alloy rim that may be mounted on a number of car models without requiring GOP or any other approvals.

ECE is a supranational, worldwide system for the approval of vehicles and vehicle parts. In their specifications, certified components correspond exactly to the manufacturers’ original parts. An alloy rim with a ECE certification requires no additional registration in the vehicle documents as done by the TÜV or another official inspection facility. This way, it is not mandatory to carry the respective documents as every rim has a control number cast in.

Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7x18, 7.5x18, 8x18, 8.5x18, 7.5x19, 8x19, 8.5x19, 9x19, 8x20, 8.5x20 and 9x20

Finish: gunmetal/polished

Construction: cast, one-piece

Load: up to 810 kg

VTA: yes

ECE: all regular models of Alfa Romeo, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Opel, Range Rover, Seat, Skoda, VW

TPMS: 100 % fit for TPMS

Warranty: 3 years