Take a round on the wheel of time…

Thats my Ride Artikelbild 1

2017 started with a question many have asked themselves:

“What kind of a car type am I?”. As part of the spring campaign “That’s my ride”, one could not only find out which vehicle matched one’s personality the best, but also had a chance to improve one’s car with brand-new AEZ rims.

Jaguar Movie Twins Artikelbild 2

We could safely say that 2017 was completely under the banner of the crown, given that the combination of AEZ Crest dark and Jaguar has had royal scope.

The image movie “TWINS” bears testimony to the duo’s elegance. Modern technology and the graceful design of the AEZ Crest dark were perfectly staged in the southern Spanish Tabernas desert, and the movie partners – the Jaguar Mark II and the Jaguar XF – enhanced the classy wheel.

AEZ Crest dark BMW 5 matte grey Artikelbild 3

Edges befit not only British elegance, but also crown German quality craftsmanship, such as the Mercedes S Class, the BMW 530d M Performance as well as the Audi A4 Allroad.

With the new double-spokes cross design and the compact smart centre, the AEZ Crest dark is unique in its own right, and at the same time faced with tough competition, as the AEZ rim range is versatile and spectacular.

iMac mock up Artikelbild 4

So as not to lose track of everything and to find the matching wheel for every car type, in 2017, the ALCAR 3D rim configurator came to the rescue.

After providing the necessary car data, users receive nine TÜV-certified AEZ wheels with VTA certification in various design and colour variations.

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You can adorn your car with the most beautiful wheel, but in order to stay a jewel in the crown it needs proper care. AEZ has drawn up a list of the most important care tips in order to maintain a lasting lustre throughout the year.

Even the winter season fails to steal the shine of the AEZ wheel thanks to the new SR3 paint which has rendered the rim salt-resistant.

AEZ Steam & Steam gr Artikelbild 6

A bright new year lies ahead

With the AEZ Crest highgloss, car owners now have a fresh opportunity to present the classic cross-spokes design. The free-of-approval multi-spokes talent, the AEZ Steam, is clearly an ace in the rim market, whether polished or graphite matte, it represents perfection of technology and design.

Progress and tradition are combined in the latest masterpiece of the AEZ smithy, the AEZ Steam Forged. It does the designation “light alloy wheel” proud, and plays a weighty role, especially in the Tesla Motors Series.