AEZ 2015 – Making-of 3 Angels for AEZ


The above numbers are no secret code but the data on the brand new image film “3 Angels for AEZ“. Over ten days, of 14 working hours each, the AEZ crew (camera man, photographer, models, make-up artist, assistants) used almost a tonne of alloy wheels and tyres and ca. 150kg of filming- and photo equipment.

Top-class cars

Beside a helicopter and several snowmobiles, a BMW M4, an Audi TT RS, a Range Rover Sport, a Mini Cooper S as well as a brand new Mercedes GLA were featured. Moreover, all cars were equipped with attractive alloy wheels.

Temperatures at the set in Portugal finally reached 40 degrees centigrade and there was much perspiration. And the other end of the temperature scale the team encountered in Swedish Lapland, 150km from the Arctic Circle. Arvidsjaur there provided excellent conditions for a perfect winter shooting. It is certainly not a place totally unknown to car manufacturers, since extreme tests on frozen lakes have been run here for almost 50 years and many a journalist and car spotter has been able to see a top secret prototype. Speaking of top secret: this is also what the new AEZ image film is about.

Both locations had been selected for a purpose: Lisbon and its impressive surroundings, hot and exotic; Arvidsjaur, ice cold and up north. The crew gave their all, with the unusual locations reflecting the AEZ design – exclusive and perfectly shaped, top quality and versatility for high-end cars. Big emotions for all who love their cars. So, roll it: