AEZ Panama high gloss– a Multi-Faceted Wheel

Free of registration thanks to ECE and VTA.
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AEZ Panama high gloss

The name says it all, just like the Panamericana, the world’s longest road, the AEZ Panama high gloss is unique in ever detail. With a refined design, it is left to the eye of the observer to see multispokes or cross-spokes. A load of up to 1,026 kg makes the AEZ Panama high gloss a strong companion for all SUVs.

An absolute advantage: No registration required thanks to ECE and VTA. The concave SUV rim design features a range of 19 to 64 offsets, offering various possibilities and applications for every car fan. With its high gloss finish, the AEZ Panama oozes elegance, sportiness as well as power.
Porsche Cayenne on AEZ Panama high gloss

The ECE homologation allows vehicles in the SUV premium segment, such as the new Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, Porsche Macan, the Mercedes GLE Coupé and the BMW models X3 to X6, to adorn themselves free of registration with the AEZ Panama. Even for adventure seeking Range Rover drivers of Discovery, Discovery Sport and Evoque, the AEZ Panama makes for a faithful companion.

AEZ Panama – Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7.5x19, 8x19, 8.5x19, 9x19, 9.5x19, 8x20, 8.5x20, 9x20, 9.5x20, 10.5x20, 11x20, 10x21 and 11.5x21 inch
Finish: high gloss
Construction: cast, one-piece, 5-hole attachment
Load: up to 1,026 kg
ECE: yes
VTA: yes
TPMS: 100% fit for TPMS
Warranty: 3 years

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