Perfect Winter Conditions

in Obertauern

47°16'14.5"N 13°31'20.3"E

AEZ Crest on Mercedes GLC

The view through the window draws the viewer into a black infinity. Only the stars in the sky help you to find your way around. A clear winter night is in the offing and the column of mercury indicates friendly minus 19 degrees celcius. The AEZ Fototeam resembles a polar expedition, at least as far as the clothing is concerned. In the end, everyone will regret not having put on another layer.

Perfect conditions

The scene was Obertauern in the incredible Salzburg mountains in March 2018. 100 kilometres of fantastic pistes and all that without having to use a car. Best conditions for the annual AEZ winter photo shoot with the only difference that cars could not be renounced.

Mercedes Eclass on AEZ Steam graphite

Photographing in the dark

Looking at the AEZ winter image photos, you may get the impression that a myriad of headlights and light sources have been used to set the scene for the Mercedes GLE with the AEZ Crest wheels. Robert Tober, photographer and mastermind behind the sensational photos, created a very special atmosphere with only one light source and sophisticated photo technology.

Mercedes GLC on AEZ Crest making of

The challenge: The cold

The photo shooting started at ten p.m at night with minus 19 degrees Celcius. During the night, the extreme cold, which caused the thermometer to drop further to minus 30 degrees, became an increasing challenge. At such temperatures, even the most modern photographic material reaches the limits of what is possible. At four o'clock in the morning, all batteries, thermos flasks, spare lamps and the crew had reached the red zone. Off to bed.

The contrast

Creative photography is among other things, based on personal perceptions and sensations. In the current example, the aim was to create a contrast as an eye-catcher. That's why the AEZ team decided on a stylish Mercedes convertible, because with the right tyres and rims, nothing stands in the way of a ride with a convertible, even in winter conditions.

Mercedes Eclass on AEZ Steam graphite and making of

Grey elegance

These stylish aluminium rims with their elegant and trendy colour, graphite matt, provide a striking counterbalance to the wintry atmosphere. Their first-class sealing is a definite must-have and reliably protects against road salt and aggressive weather.

Your passion. Your wheel.

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Special thanks to the tourist region Obertauern for the support!

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