Perfect playmates

BMW X5 and AEZ Strike
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AEZ Strike on BMW X5

One is light and dynamic while the other exudes a powerful yet elegant presence. The AEZ Strike and the BMW X5 – with this pair, you will always play to win. The BMW X5 looks massive and has true leadership qualities in the SUV category. It owes its powerful presence, as compared to the predecessor model, not only the additional length of 3.6 cm and the extra 6.6 cm of width, but most notably the huge double-kidney grille, souping up the front of the X5. From the rear the narrow LED taillights don’t fail to impress, lighting up the path in the classic X-shaped laser light.

BMW prefers to call the new X5 model an SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle – as, opposed to its enormous competitors it is more flexible and agile, owing to its rear-wheel steering. Air suspension on the rear and front axles give it additional lightness, which clearly provides more comfort.

AEZ Strike on BMW X5

In the era of climate change the BMW cannot afford look the other way, hence the new model complies with all exhaust gas criteria. And yet, it remains a powerhouse, and thanks to the six-cylinder, two diesel engine and one petrol model featuring 340 hp, power is a given. If you want to go beyond tarmac roads you can optionally order the off-road package. With four adjustable driving modes, vehicle height, all-wheel drive, gearbox and driving assistant can be adapted to the road conditions, and thanks to numerous driver-assistance systems driving becomes child’s play.

AEZ Strike detail

The AEZ Strike bears the two tons weighing load of the BMW X5 with ease. And the rim’s dominant, massive look enhances the SUV’s appearance. The polished front draws attention to the length of the edgy spokes. The black background finish adds a certain lightness and dynamic.

When the duo comes out to play there’s no stopping it – AEZ Strike with BMW X5.

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