AEZ Straight


The premium manufacturer launches a trilogy in the new season 2015. 3 angels, very straight, but each individually for themselves. With the new wheel design Straight AEZ scores with one- and two-tone designs and as usual with high and certified quality. The new AEZ Image Movie completes all that to an unbeatable result.

The trilogy of the new AEZ wheels Straight sets in all variation effective accents with an elegant straight 10-spoke design. The statement is set by a concave dish widely known as "maximum concave". But not stylistic confidence is guaranteed, especially the dimension spectrum makes it an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles with mixed tires (staggered fitment).

Because of its modern look the AEZ Straight - trilogy is also the ideal choice for cars by the premium manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Pure action: 3 Angels for AEZ