The wheel-development – Part 1

Work Artikelbild

AEZ vouches for “Made in Germany”, which stands for more than just standard quality. To guarantee the high quality, an AEZ wheel undergoes several stages.

Fabrik Artikelbild 4

In the beginning is the idea…

The idea determines the design and technical construction of the light alloy rim. The development team sums up the exact requirements for the wheel in a product requirement document.


Only then the first photo-realistic models of the various design drafts are developed through rendering.

From a wide range of ideas only the trendiest one is developed to production stage.

FEA Berechnung 2

The rim is created on the PC using computer-aided design (CAD) software while the finite element analysis (FEA) simulates the stresses and deformations during operation.

In this way, important details such as dimensioning and technical design can be determined realistically.


The wheel-development Part II