The new Audi Q2 is a “q”ool allrounder

Audi Q2 on AEZ Cliff

With the Q2, once again, Audi has accomplished a stroke of genius that is stirring up the city SUV segment. Despite being the smallest of all Qs, the Q2 cannot be overlooked. Its edgy design and the SingleFrame grill make all other road participants turn pale.

One look into the car’s interior gives it away: here’s hightech at play. The Q2 is not top-of-the-range, and yet it offers premium technology such as connectivity and infotainment. From the familiar assistance systems and the latest infotainment sound system to the virtual cockpit featuring a 12.3-inch display, this Audi leaves nothing to be desired. In keeping with the slogan “If it doesn’t match it will be matched”, the Q2 can be upgraded to your own taste, which will also catapult you in the upper price segment of city SUVs.

Its length of 4.19 meters make it an optimal city cruiser that offers generous interior space thought through to perfection. The load volume of up to 1050 litres is good enough for extensive shopping sprees while the taller population will also be pleased to find plenty of head and leg space.

Audi offers a total of six different engine models, with progressive steering being the standard in all varieties. And yes, you can also opt for the permanent 4-wheel drive quattro.

Audi Q2 on AEZ Cliff

Edges to Edges

The Q2’s exceptional, geometric look is further enhanced by the AEZ Cliff rim. The stylish cross-spoke design perfectly matches the edgy look of the “newcomer”. The AEZ Cliff’s double-pair spokes resemble ten tuning forks, with the slanted edge in the wheel well creating sensational depth. Here, it’s “one for all”, given that the alloy rim Cliff is available in dimensions from 16 to 21 inches.

A spectacular appearance is guaranteed – whether in the city or on rocky terrain – because the AEZ Cliff will never let you down.

AEZ Cliff/AEZ Cliff dark – Data & Facts:

Dimensions (4-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17 inches

Dimensions (5-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17, 8x17, 8x18, 8x19, 8.5x19, 9.5x19, 9x20, 10x21, 11.5x21 inches

Finish: High Gloss / black, front polished

Construction: cast, single-piece

General Operating Permit (GOP): yes

Load: up to 1025 kg

Specials: prepared for TPMS and snow-chains