AEZ Wheels - The Twins

Jaguar Movie Twins Artikelbild

In the 2017 spring season, AEZ is rooting for tradition, which has a lot more edge though. Therefore, it was no coincidence that the shooting for the AEZ 2017 image movie featured the encounter of none other than the classic Jaguar, a Mark II, and its 50-years younger successor, the Jaguar XF, in the seclusion of the southern Spanish Tabernas desert. Hang on, are those two elegant ladies behind the wheels of the two cars twins? The unending astonishment is enhanced by another fact. The two Jaguar models share half a century between them and yet, each one managed to establish itself in its own style. Back then as well as today, the "round" details have been elevating the personal style to perfection.

A style icon such as the Jaguar Mark II influenced its environment for years. This has inspired AEZ to a completely new interpretation of the classic cross-spokes design with enhanced edginess and a certain oomph.

Care for a ride into the vastness of Europe's only desert?

Click & enjoy: https://youtu.be/GafEhmmZ1s0

AEZ Crest dark – Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7.5x17, 8x18, 8x19, 9x19, 8x20, 9x20 and 9x21 inch

Bore: 5-hole

Finish: gunmetal / polished lip

Construction: cast, one-piece

Load: up to 770 kg

VTA: yes

TPMS: 100% fit for TPMS

Warranty: 3 years