AEZ Drive...and the Story of the Red Shoes...


AEZ brings in the new season at full throttle and with tyres on fire, starring a BMW M235i featuring the new AEZ wheel Raise. The plot reads like this: A stressed-out hotel concierge slips out of his double-breasted work suit into a racing jacket and a pair of “red fairytale shoes” to break out of character behind the steering wheel of his 326-hp BMW M235i and paint the town red. After all, is there a better stress buster than racing away from everyday life for just a few precious minutes? But what’s with the red shoes …

This video has a completely different take on Andersen’s Red Shoes. In 2016, the German rim manufacturer will mesmerise car aficionados with a titular hero whose red shoes give him away as a connoisseur of "stylish two-track rides". Two attractive ladies, who had been lazing by the hotel pool, acknowledge the charming concierge’s return from his ride with warm-hearted laughter.

The shoot for the racy video took place in Portugal. With outside temperatures ranging between 35 to 39 degrees, the tyres reached their ideal temperature right from the start.

Let’s face it, this whets your appetite for the upcoming summer – with or without red shoes.

Click & enjoy: https://youtu.be/AzXhBlCkpRA

AEZ Raise – Facts and figures:

Dimensions: 7.5x17, 7.5x18, 8x18, 8x19, 8x20 inch

Finish: gunmetal / polished

Construction: cast, one-piece

Load: up to 670 kg

ECE: Audi A3, SEAT Leon, VW Golf V, VI, VII, Skoda Octavia, Mercedes A- und B-class, CLA


Warranty: 3 years