FIFA 21 release raffle

Any plans for October 9, 2020? Join AEZ in celebrating the official release date of the new FIFA 21 version. Together with you, as an Official Partner of RB Leipzig, we want to lend the best possible support to our team, also on the virtual field. Just like every year in autumn, a plethora of football fans is itching to play the latest teams and features of the world’s most successful game.


AEZ raffles off 3 FIFA 21 games

AEZ Leichtmetallräder has used this opportunity to raffle off three FIFA 21 games. Simply register yourself using the form below, and your participation will be guaranteed. The winners will be selected by a random generator. We will inform the lucky ones personally on October 8 at 3 pm.

The winners were drawn on October 8th at 3:30 pm and notified by E-Mail.

AEZ advertising boards in the latest FIFA 21

In cooperation with RB Leipzig, our Red Bull Arena LED advertising boards featuring the latest rim designs will now also be seen in FIFA 21.

AEZ board FIFA 21

FIFA is an all-time favourite video game. Be it the casual or the hardcore gamer – for many there’s no way around the latest version.

FIFA 21 – FIFA Ultimate Team

The FIFA Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode, with good reason. This exciting feature enables gamers to put together an individual team from all FIFA 21 players. Each year, this game mode offers more possibilities, making it intriguingly complex.

Team RB Leipzig

FIFA 21 – Career Mode

The Career Mode, which was paid little attention over the past few years, offers new additions. The career simulation mode displays ball circulation, and gamers can interact by, for example, taking a penalty kick. Other elements are also included: The game, for example, allows for viewing match fitness and other stats during a match, substitutions, or a change of tactics. None of that was possible with FIFA 20. Hence, FIFA 21 will have three options to start a game: active gaming using the controller, match simulation with all interactive options, or a rapid simulation.

FIFA 21 – player growth and positions

The FIFA 21 allows for character development in various ways. For one, simply by playing while training is also important. In this, age, potential, fitness and playing time will have an impact on the outcome.

FIFA 21 – interactive gaming experience

As explained by EA Sports, FIFA 21 will use the sense of touch of the new PS5 controller to offer a more intense gaming experience. This means you will get a haptic feedback on your hands during all scenes.

Show your skills on the consoles.

Together we will lead RB Leipzig to success, also on the virtual field!

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