Strong new rims 2019

The first completely refistration-free SUV rim from AEZ.
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AEZ shows extra strength with the brand-new rim designs 2019: The AEZ Panama is the first SUV wheel with ECE homologation which is available from now on for all friends of big cars. Y-shaped spokes make the new wheel light, elegant and suits the SUV trend. An extremely high load of up to 1,026 kilograms, however, makes it the ideal companion for heavy SUV models.

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Especially developed for SUVs and optimised, the name alludes to the world’s longest road – the Panamericana, spanning 48,000 km, with not a single kilometre resembling another. The most well-known north-south connection between Alaska and the Tierra del Fuego demands the utmost of man and material. The AEZ development division has been faced with quite a challenge in order to do justice to the illustrious name.
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With a five-hole attachment and a high load of up to 1,026 kg as well as a total of fourteen dimensions, the German quality manufacturer AEZ offers car aficionados plenty of options, which also applies to staggered wheel fitments. The car models BMW X5 and X6, for example, allow for a staggered wheel fitment at the front axle with 10x21 inch and at the rear axle with 11.5x21 inch alloy rims – free of registration due to VTA (Vehicle type approval) and ECE.

AEZ Panama – Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7.5x19, 8x19, 8.5x19, 9x19, 9.5x19, 8x20,8.5x20, 9x20, 9.5x20, 10.5x20, 11x20, 10x21und 11.5x21 inch
Attachment: 5-hole
Paint: high gloss, gunmetal front-polished
Construction: cast, one-piece
Load: up to 1,026 kg
ECE: yes
VTA: yes
TPMS: 100 % fit for TPMS
Warranty: 3 years

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