A Star Is Crowned!

AEZ Crest rim on Mercedes S-class

AEZ crowns the S-Class

A car achieves perfection of form only if the rims are integrated seamlessly into the overall look. With the new Crest dark, AEZ tops off the Mercedes luxury class. The rim comes in an elegant gunmetal finish and an edgy cross-spokes design, which provide the car with the extra oomph. The recessed pentagon in the wheel centre is a design novelty that focuses on the basics.

AEZ Crest rim on Mercedes S-class

Pure luxury

The front view of the sedan is a real eye catcher with its impressive grille paired with a punchy headlight design.

The aerodynamic look runs all the way through to the wide rear, finishing off in triple rear lights. The Stuttgart-headquartered manufacturer spared no effort in the interior. Solid processing of top-quality materials and a driver-friendly design. In short: get in and feel comfortable.

The ROAD SURFACE SCAN system is an absolute international novelty which allows the Mercedes to spot uneven road surfaces early enough to balance them out. The “smart ride” is assisted by technologies such as ADS PLUS and AIRMATIC.

AEZ Crest rim on Mercedes S-class

Scope for sustainability

Mercedes-Benz sets new standards, not only pertaining to luxury but also efficiency, having succeeded in reducing extra urban fuel consumption to an average of 4.4 l per 100 km in the diesel model S 300 h. The use of materials with excellent recycling characteristics and low emissions during production, processing and use are already given high priority. As the visual jewel in the crown of this classic car, the AEZ Crest stands for a confident, powerful look – with an edge, needless to say.

AEZ Crest dark – Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7.5x17, 8x18, 8x19, 9x19, 8x20, 9x20 and 9x21 inch

Bore: 5-hole

Finish: gunmetal / polished lip

Construction: cast, one-piece

Load: up to 770 kg

VTA: yes

TPMS: 100% fit for TPMS

Warranty: 3 years