A truly rare sight

BMW 8 Series Coupé in duet with THE AEZ Crest.
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A sports machine with style

With the 8 Series Coupé, BMW has unveiled a masterpiece that might make you hold your breath for a moment. Even more so when you look at the price … from 100,000 Euros upwards breathing steadily becomes difficult. Unfortunately, this unique piece will therefore probably not be seen on the streets very frequently. With its elegant, sporty look, the coupé promises plenty of driving pleasure. Flowing shapes from a flat, elongated bonnet over strongly pronounced front wheel wells to an impressive rear.

BMW 8er Coupé on AEZ Crest

Well connected

If you are lucky enough to sit down behind the steering wheel of a BMW Series 8 Coupé, you will be overwhelmed by its standard technology called “Live Cockpit Professional”. From a digital instrument combination behind the steering wheel to a head-up display, every feature is individually configurable to meet the driver’s needs. To make control even easier, configurations may be done not only via a multi-functional steering wheel, but also via voice and gestures. The “Operating System 7.0” opens up a smart world. With the associated BMW App, you can not only connect to your car in various ways, you can also automatically open doors or start the engine.

BMW 8er Coupé on AEZ Crest side

Engine sounds and race-car feeling

A push on the accelerator of the V8 engine takes you from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds, and with the additional sports mode the Coupé’s roar is audible from a far. The BMW Series 8 Coupé optionally comes with a V8 Biturbo with 530 hps or a much more economical diesel version. For those who love exclusiveness, BMW manufactures a limited edition of 400 pieces of the M850i xDrive First Edition.

BMW 8er Coupé on AEZ Crest detail

The perfect finish

To crown the overall picture, the Series 8 Coupé comes with an iconic design by AEZ, the AEZ Crest with “Staggered Fitment” in 8x20 and 9x20. Its fine, compact design combined with a recessed pentagon in the centre gives the wheel a sporty elegance. Just like the car, the double cross-spoke design of the light alloy wheel stands out from the crowd and promises a unique appearance.

Quality, luxury, elegance, exclusiveness, lifestyle, design, style and comfort – eight reasons in favour of the duet formed by BMW Series 8 Coupé and AEZ Crest.
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