New car. New rims.

Everything you need to know about the most significant new entries.

Nearly every car owner thinks about buying a new set of rims at some point, and quite a few like doing it on a regular basis. For many members of this particular group the rim is an integral part of their car’s look, and often a prestige object, too. Others, however, have a more sober outlook: They simply need a rim, because only this safety-relevant component can connect tyres with the chassis and the car, respectively. And that’s just the basic function of all rims. In winter this subject matter becomes more interesting: Firstly, it’s about a second set of wheels with mandatory winter tyres, and secondly, style matters, too. And yes, you can buy style.

AEZ Wheel Design Tipp

We have taken the liberty to put together a small selection for you.


Double charisma

Refined in design and extra strong, the AEZ Panama dark makes SUVs fit for winter. Featuring five-hole fitment and a high load bearing capacity of up to 1,026 kg as well as 14 dimensions in total, the German quality manufacturer AEZ offers car aficionados a wide range of options. The new BMW X7 serves as the perfect example. A statement of the SUV luxury segment: The new BMW X7 is the elegant fusion of presence and personality. Two strong partners already make for an exceptional team.


Steam engine on a limousine

Six years ago, Mercedes re-tapped the segment of compact four-doors with its first CLA. With the recent launch of the new CLA, the German manufacturer once again manages to impress: design, user friendliness and individuality. Speaking of individuality, AEZ does its bit with the AEZ Steam graphite while being free of registration thanks to ECE. Also “Made in Germany”, but with a classic design adapted to modern cars best describes the AEZ rim. As a classic multi-spoke wheel, the AEZ Steam clearly sets itself apart from the mishmash of mass alloy rims. 15 edgy spokes combine elegance and a sporty design.


Crest and climber

The cross-spoke design has a long-standing tradition as a rim market classic. With the light alloy rim Crest, AEZ created a design icon in this segment that comes in the shape of a double cross spoke. Enhanced edginess gives it a sporty and aggressive look. The new Volvo V60 Cross Country boasts sportiness, having been created for special adventures. Higher ground clearance, standard all-wheel drive and a robust body trim assist this climber in mastering all kinds of quests. Just like the AEZ Crest dark, as the name suggests. Simply the perfect team.



A characteristic silhouette and a prominent, unique look. These are the design features of the new Range Rover Evoque, but it doesn’t stop there. Because the premium SUV resembles a coupé, oozing both confidence and power while boasting sportiness and elegance. Mirroring this striking look, AEZ has designed the AEZ Strike graphite matte as a tailor-made fit for premium SUVs, with the characteristic narrow spokes running all the way into the rim flange. The centre area offers a prominent anchor point with a concave dish. All in all, the AEZ Strike provides perfectly balanced proportions, befitting an impressive throw… strike!

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