An Innovative Duo

AEZ Steam meets Tesla Model 3.
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When we think of e-mobility we think of the Tesla brand. With the Model 3, the next mid-range sedan generation has reached Europe. The number 3 says it all, since the model is available in three different variants. The basic model gives a range of 409 km before having to recharge the 5-kWh battery. The Performance variant takes you as far as 530 km, and you get another 30 km further if you choose the 75-kWh battery of the Long Range model.

Tesla Model 3 on AEZ Steam graphite

Silent sprinter

It’s time to use your eyes in traffic because you won’t hear the Tesla 3 coming. The Performance version has 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.4 seconds, which is achieved by a quick step on the pedal. But be warned, energetic driving will get you to the charging station much earlier, and it might take six to seven hours to fully charge the battery. But even here, Tesla has an ace up the dashboard. The 15-inch touchscreen works during the charging process, and offers plenty of games for a fun pastime.

Tesla Model 3 on AEZ Steam graphite

Assistant on board

The board computer can do more than entertain, it opens up an entire infotainment world which allows controlling almost everything in the car. Even though the menu’s structure is complex, it’s easy to learn. The extended driving assistance system keeps you fully up to date with the remaining range, and when searching for the next charging station you can simply switch to autopilot. Automatic lane change, parking assistance with parking gap recognition, or calling the Tesla Model 3 from the carpark are part of the service package. However, caution should be used. Even Tesla suggests leaving at least one hand on the wheel while driving.

Tesla Model 3 on AEZ Steam graphite

Fine handling

One doesn’t mind keeping the hand on the wheel because the Tesla Model 3 promises precision and a finely adjusted driving sensation. For an ideal driving experience, you can make another statement by using the right alloy wheels. In this case, it is recommended to use the AEZ Steam graphite 8.5x20. With its quintuple trim bore in the centre area and the 15 edgy spokes, the wheel is an absolute eye-catcher. The sporty-elegant multi-spoke wheel is unique, not only in terms of looks, but promises, alongside top quality “Made in Germany”, also a manufacturing method according to the ECE test mark.

Tesla Model 3 on AEZ Steam graphite

Speaking of ECE

The AEZ Steam, be it in gunmetal diamond cut or graphite matte, is ECE-certified, which saves the registration in car documents. Thanks to ECE approval, the certification is valid all across Europe, which saves you from having to carry your documentation in addition to special registration procedures.

A future without exhaust fumes and without additional paperwork – that’s what the duo AEZ Steam and Tesla Model 3 promises.

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