The AEZ Production Story – Part III

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Part II of the AEZ wheel production story was about the original form, the permanent mold and the required preparatory work. From these re-usable forms the first sample wheels are cast using low-pressure die casting. As soon as they have passed all tests and received a TÜV certification the rim can go into serial production.

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From the melting pot to the wheel

Entire aluminium-silicon alloy ingots are melted down in a furnace at 780° Celsius. Air is blown in during the melting process, which results in the deposition of dirt particles. These can be removed, leaving no impurities in the cast.

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AEZ banks on low-pressure die casting

The molten aluminium mass is pressed into the mold under low pressure, at about 4 bar, starting from the lower part. Using the gas pressure principle, the metal rises into the mold cavity against the force of gravity. The permanent mold serves as the mold and has the advantage of exhibiting high heat conductivity, which speeds up the cooling process of the solidifying molten mass in the water tank.

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Endurance test

Best quality ensured by strict quality checks. That’s a given at AEZ, which is why every wheel is X-rayed before processing is continued. Processing is carried out using CNC technology. The screw machine, and milling machine, respectively ensure precision and consistent results. The machines are pre-programmed and operate fully automated so that the offset, every bolt hole and every drilled hole is perfect.

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Perfected, refined

Once the cast is hardened and the wheel has the desired appearance, one important point is still missing. The rim cast is cleaned and degreased before applying the primer coat, which is followed by powder coating, giving the rim not only its special colour effect but also acting as a protection against weather-related stresses.

AEZ has developed a particularly high-quality powder paint which not only protects against stone chips and snow chains but also gives no chance to road salt.

As soon as the wheel rolls out of the AEZ forge it is a quality product and reliable companion.