Trendsetting design

The new AEZ North fits like a glove on the Volvo XC 40 R-Design.
Volvo XC40 R-design & AEZ North dark

The R-Design models from Volvo are among the dynamic specials. Exceptional features in the design let you see immediately what it is all about: a trendsetting design. So it's only natural to combine two beautiful designs and create an extraordinary end result.

Volvo XC40 R-design & AEZ North dark

AEZ North. The perfect partner.

In navigation, the north is considered the key point, making it indispensable. With the new model North, AEZ launches a new double-spoke design that points the way. The AEZ North has been technically developed to meet the requirements of popular mid-range Volvo models, such as the XC40.

Starting from 18-inch fitments with ECE approval, the range includes up to 21 inches with a VTA approval as an attractive and above all free-of-registration alternative. When it comes to finish, there are two options available: gunmetal front-polished and high gloss.

AEZ North dark & AEZ North high gloss

ECE and VTA rims. The better alternative.

Rims with an ECE approval are completely free of registration across Europe, allowing car owners to use them without any worries. As a general rule, rims with an ECE or VTA approval are free-of-registration alternatives to original rims from the respective car manufacturer. With more than 670 item numbers, AEZ offers mostly free-of-registration fitments for many different car models with high availability.

Volvo XC40 R-design & AEZ North dark

Take a look at the Volvo XC40 R-Design right in our rim configurator.

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