All good things come in threes

AEZ Straight_Mainpic_article_730.jpg

The cool AEZ winter highlights

All three of the racy AEZ Straight’s colour variants have proven in 300h salt-spray tests that they are indeed winterworthy. And in their development stage, these wheels have also withstood mechanical endurance tests of any kind. Any normal winter outing will certainly be harmless by comparison. While the AEZ Straight has a polished front on black paint, the AEZ Straight shine is the high-gloss version, and the AEZ Straight dark is graphite grey. Something for everyone!

The name says it all

Straight stands for sporty and aggressive but also for purism and elegance. The “maximum concave” wheel disc lends the Straight alloy wheel a lot of plasticity and presence. Depending upon the light, there is an exciting visual dynamism, which makes the newcomer’s modern design perfect.

And its dimensions provide for a staggered fitment, too. It goes very well with cars by Audi, BMW and Mercedes – be it the A5 or A6, 3, 4 or 5 series, C and E class or the CLS.