Spring my Ride

Spring my Ride

Every winter is tough on cars. Sludge and snow, salt and grit. To avoid permanent damage to your wheels, a spring-clean is a must. Thorough cleansing, the essential care, and the right rims and tyres will make or break the start into the new season. At www.spring-my-ride.com, in ten steps, AEZ shows all car owners the way to the 2018 car spring, which is bound to come.

From “clean on the outside” to “rims and tyres fit for spring”

In ten steps, users are guided through the spring-clean process. Exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, paint and glass work and, of course, rims and tyres; not every rim fits! Before buying new alloy rims, we recommend taking a look at your car’s certification papers. Every car has certain technical specifications, and these may also decide the selection of the matching alloy rims, tyres and tyre pressure monitoring sensors.

10 life hacks – Reaching into the bag of tricks

If your car’s headlights are full of dirt even though you’ve removed all the salt, you can clean them with toothpaste. Yes, you heard right – toothpaste is good not only for your teeth, but benefits headlights, too. Simply apply paste on the headlights and polish them with a damp cloth. Done! This and many more life hacks make for a smooth car spring.

Ready, steady, spring: www.spring-my-ride.com