AEZ Wheel of Life

AEZ Wheel of Life - Sommer Image Movie 2018

Always having your finger on the pulse of the time, striving for more success, more recognition, and yet never losing ground. The wheel must never stand still, not even for a moment in which we face ourselves and ask the question: Is this all that we are?!

AEZ Wheel of Life - Image Movie 2018

AEZ takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, mirroring life in all its unique facets in a new image video. Every moment is a memory, the sound of the engine is the only company, and the wheels keep up with every pace. Along the fabulous coastal road around Croatian town Pag the feeling of freedom becomes reality.

In this moment when the fog clears up and you see the world as a place full of adventure, you’ve arrived at life and can put the pedal to the metal. The use of state-of-the-art technology, a drone and a rig car, captivates the viewers of the image video emotionally. You can virtually feel the airflow.

AEZ Wheel of Life

AEZ presents a true multi talent – the AEZ Steam offers not only more freedom, as it is free of approval, but stands out from the haze of standard models owing to the seemingly classical multi-spokes design.

For a moment to become unforgettable, even the best wheel needs a reliable partner: in this case the 4 Series BMW convertible M package. The convertible from the German master plant comes in a modern, sporty-aggressive and yet elegant look.

A duo which makes dreams come true and drives over one or the other obstacle with ease.

One thing’s for sure: the wheel of life revolves around our pace.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/8iaCvcfPreU