We answer your questions about our brand aez.

Our AEZ brand has seen continuous development in the past few years and, as a result, enjoys great popularity. That’s why, every day, our many platforms receive a variety of questions about our brand and products, with some questions popping up more often than others. Therefore, we have compiled the most frequently asked ones, and here are our answers:

AEZ Cliff

  • Since when does the AEZ brand exist?

The AEZ brand was founded in the 90s and has been characterized by a steady growth ever since. The company’s success is based on strong designs, innovation as well as outstanding product and customer service quality.

  • What does the abbreviation AEZ stand for?

Originally the abbreviation stood for “Automobil Ersatzteile Zubehör” (German for Automobile Spare Parts Accessories). Over the decades, the three letters have firmly established themselves, having made their mark also in the European aftermarket for alloy wheels. Now, the three letters AEZ are well-known all across Europe.

  • In which countries is AEZ sold?

AEZ products are available all over Europe. Our website’s retailer search function offers detailed information about region-specific availability.

  • Where are our rims produced?

Our rims are “Made in Germany”, with production taking place in the German town of Neuenrade located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia at the ALCAR Group’s main production site.

ALCAR Production in Neuenrade

  • How are new designs developed?

Wheel design is a complex subject that has a highly technical component alongside the creative one, which needs very detailed studying. Our designers visit many exhibitions worldwide and keep developing themselves. It requires intensive analysis of and browsing through the existing market to deduct existing trends and to develop new trends.

  • For how many car brands does AEZ offer rims?

AEZ offers alloy rims for cars ranging from Alfa Romeo to Volvo. Depending on the required size and in connection with tyres and, if available, direct-measure TPMS sensors, the AEZ rim configurator provides the simplest and best source of information. Just try it out!

  • Which rims fit my car?

At AEZ, customers can choose from a wide variety of 17 to 22 inches as well as different designs and colour variations. In our AEZ rim configurator the individual designs can be tried out directly on your own car.

AEZ Configurator

  • What retailers are near me?

You can search for a retailer near you either directly in the dealer search area or by clicking on “Find retailer” on the bottom right in the configured car view. Enter your pin code and all AEZ retailers near you will be displayed.

  • I need to certify my rim. Where do I find the right certificate?

Certificates vary according to car and rim combination. If you already own a rim and just want to download the corresponding certificate, it’s best to do that in our TÜV Certificate area.

But if you’re looking for a new rim for your car, you can find the relevant certificate also in our AEZ rim configurator. Simply enter the basic car information and the corresponding certificate will be displayed.

  • How do I clean my rims properly?

Our rims must never be cleaned using a scouring pad or sharp objects. Acidic rim cleaners should be avoided, as they can damage the surface. It’s best to first soak the front wheels, which are more prone to dirt, and then start with the actual cleaning process from the rear. YOu can find more information about this topic here.

  • My rim is broken – what should I do?

As rims are a safety-relevant car component only a specialist workshop can decide the type of damage. As a general rule every interference in the rim material (heating, welding, material addition, etching, grinding) changes the material properties. This invalidates the strength test certificate and warranty of the rim.

  • Where do the AEZ photoshoots take place?

As a top brand with the highest quality standards, AEZ puts in a lot of work into the creation of image photos for every single rim. Past photoshoots were set all across Europe. From Andalusia, Spain and Tuscany in Italy also the northern spots of the polar circle in Sweden as well as the Austrian Alps and lakescapes have set the scene for our annual photoshoots.

AEZ Shootinglocations

  • Upcoming trends – what do the rims of the future look like?

A distinction must be made between OE (original equipment) design of car manufacturers and aftermarket design. Car manufacturers are currently headed towards a very playful direction, with every manufacturer, especially German ones, having their very own design language. AEZ designers can spot instantly which rim belongs to which brand.

In the aftermarket area the design trend is moving towards straight-lined designs, not overly playful, with a clearer cut design. In the premium price segment technical refinements such as milled cut-outs in spokes or tiny, milled elements round off the design.

In the mood for breath-taking pictures of exceptional designs? Simply visit our website or social media channels Facebook and Instagram, and get inspired!

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