Print Comes Alive!

ALCAR equips catalogues and posters with augmented reality features!

Print has never been as alive as today - this is true at least for the new ALCAR Group catalogues, magazines and posters in which the leading aftermarket manufacturer of alloy rims combines the best of two worlds. The magic word here is augmented reality, a technology that transforms graphics in their entirety into a kind of invisible QR code which can be scanned using any Apple or Android mobile device. The “AR+” symbol allows readers to navigate smoothly through the enhanced pages.

The “AR+” symbol allows readers to navigate smoothly through the enhanced pages.

When scanning the pages of, for example, the AEZ Raise, AEZ Strike or Dotz Revvo wheels a three-dimensional rim will appear on the display. Using their fingers, readers can change the perspective of the images and have a good look at them from every angle. In addition to that, appealing videos provide the static world of print with a healthy dose of action, atmosphere and dynamic. All you need is the compatible, free ALCAR app or those of the respective rim brands AEZ and DOTZ.

Additional augmented reality content will follow, enabling ALCAR to combine the look and feel of a print product with the playful possibilities and display options of the online world in an ongoing effort to enhance our clients’ print media experience.

AR Logo.png Wherever you see this symbol, you are about to enter the 3D world of ALCAR.

Free ALCAR app for download:

iOS apps: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aez-wheels-configurator/id404558298?mt=8

Android apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aezwheels