SPRINGTIME IS wheel changing time

Ready to unpack the summer wheels?

All those whose summer footwear is in top shape and well-stored, now need to leave the winter behind. The temperatures are rising, and it’s time for summer wheels. Changing your wheels is just around the corner, and the first preparations for the new season are in full gear.

If you haven’t yet performed a proper rim spring clean, the first step is to do just that. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents by all means, and make sure to pay attention to the directions for use. In order to avoid scratches, stay away from steel sponges, instead use special micro-fibre cloths. With our life hacks, in ten steps, we can show you here how to obtain the shiniest wheel of them all.

AEZ Steam

If the spring motto is “Everything new”, but you haven’t found the perfect partner yet, it definitely pays off to take a look at our rim configurator. To make it easier for you to choose the right summer rim, we will show you what a successful wheel/tyre combination could look like with the following examples:

AEZ Kaiman high gloss & VW T-Roc Cabrio

Sporty combination

“Made in Germany” – State-of-the-art technology and a sophisticated design characterize AEZ quality as much as that of VW. That’s why the AEZ Kaiman high gloss is a perfect match for the new T-Roc Cabrio. The paint in gunmetal and the diamond cut face of the modern, clear-cut spokes design give the wheel a sporty-elegant look.

AEZ Steam & BMW 8 Gran Coupe

Guaranteed fit

With the new 8-Series Coupe, BMW above all strives for unforgettable performance, which will definitely work out with the AEZ Steam and the staggered wheel fitment. The AEZ Steam is technical eye-candy, thanks to its unique high-sheen spokes design and the stepped centre area. The fivefold decorative drill makes for an optical eyecatcher. In addition to that, the fix bore ensures that no centring is required and the original parts can be used easily.

AEZ Panama dark & Audi e-tron

Combining visions

With the Audi e-tron a fully electrical SUV rolls off the line which, with a range of 400 km, is to be suitable for everyday use. To get the 2.5 tons moving in full swing it takes a strong partner. The AEZ Panama dark bears the load effortlessly. This rim was developed especially for heavy-weight premium SUVs and mostly comes with ECE homologation. The variation in high gloss is the perfect choice in spring to really bring out the shine with the first sunrays.

It’s time to “go for your wheels” and make the right choice. That’s easily done by clicking on our AEZ rim configurator. Get inspired by our diverse world of wheels, and find your perfect summer rim quick and easy.

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