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Original centre caps that fit AEZ wheels
  • Original and alternative centre caps from manufacturers fit AEZ rims
  • Original centre caps from VW, SKODA, SEAT fit by use of adapters
  • Adjustable to 56mm for 60-mm centre bore alloy rims
  • Available at specialised dealers and workshops

How do you spot good design? That’s right, it is both consistent and practical. AEZ Leichtmetallräder, a vanguard for many years in the optical fine-tuning of cars, also offers simple solutions for the visual customisation of your favourite ride.

Brand-specific rims

Car-specific wheels are rims especially developed for a car of choice. When using these rims, the fitting requires no centring rings. In most cases, the car-mounted original fixtures and hub caps of manufacturers can be used.

Audi A3 RS Sportpack AEZ Montreal dark

Example for the use of OE caps in the AEZ configurator.

Mustang Mach E AEZ Montreal black

AEZ Montreal – The progressive double spoke

With the new AEZ Montreal, for example, not only can you use alternative OE centre caps from Audi or BMW, but thanks to the centre cap adapter you can also go for VW, Skoda, or Seat cars. Hence, this universal model offers something for everyone.

Mercedes A45s AEZ Berlin black

AEZ Berlin – The multi-spoke design rim

From the A-Class to the S-Class, Mercedes has been a trendsetter for years. The new Berlin design, featuring many ECE applications, has been specially designed for cars with stars and is a classic representative of car-specific wheels. The multi-spoke design stresses the familiar design language of the sporty Mercedes models, providing extra glamour, which is why the alternative OE centre caps fit the concept perfectly.

VW ID 4 Atlanta black

Example for the use of original centre caps in cars from VW, SKODA, SEAT by use of adapters in the AEZ configurator.

Tesla 1 AEZ Atlanta black

AEZ Atlanta – Multi-spoked design for the mid-range

In the dimensions 7.5x17″ to 9.5x20″, with many VTA and ECE applications, the AEZ Atlanta covers a wide spectrum of mid-range cars including hybrid and fully electric models. This design is a perfect match for cars from A as in Audi to V as in Volvo, also featuring the fitting alternative OE centre caps or the original centre caps with an adapter.

Cupra Formentor AEZ Porto dark

AEZ Porto – Design-strong cross spoke

In the colours gunmetal front-polished and black matte, the detailed rim design impresses with inclined surfaces, intricately designed spokes, a compact centre section and, in the gunmetal front-polished variation, a delicately front-polished rim flange. With the centre cap or also hub cap adapter ring, the original centre caps from manufacturers VW, SKODA, and SEAT can be used especially on the AEZ Porto. This way, ALCAR offers all customers yet another possibility to give their cars a customised look.

AEZ Montreal dark

For more detailed information go to the AEZ configurator. Have fun browsing and finding the perfect wheel!

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