A powerful team

the AEZ Panama on the Porsche Cayenne
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In Vorarlberg’s impressive alpine world, this duo emerges as an untiring trailblazer. The Porsche Cayenne’s elegant yet highly expressive lines fit in seamlessly with the mountainscape.

Porsche Cayenne on AEZ Panama high gloss

The giant of the Porsche stable not only exudes being in touch with nature, but with the e-hybrid transmission it actually runs environmentally-friendly. Its permanent magnet synchronous motor produces 130 hp, and in the e-mode it reaches roughly 40 km. Owing to the plug-in hybrid support, fuel consumption is lower than in the regular SUV, but its biggest plus is power: Thanks to the hybrid transmission, the Porsche Cayenne is faster and more powerful than its predecessors.

Porsche Cayenne on AEZ Panama high gloss

Outdoor luxury

With the Porsche Cayenne, you don’t have to give up on anything on the road. The comfy interior space – packed with new technology as well as assistance and infotainment systems – offers convenience in a chic ambience. Its high agility, convincing longitudinal and lateral dynamics, as well as direct steering transmission and precise lane behavior make the Porsche Cayenne a fun ride.

AEZ Panama high gloss

Heavy duty

For the Porsche Cayenne to get going, the 2.4 tons weighing SUV requires plenty of load-bearing capacity. With the AEZ Panama, AEZ offers the perfect companion in two colour variations. Five-hole fitment and fourteen dimensions make the ultra-strong wheel match almost every SUV premium model and free of registration thanks to ECE homologation. This is topped off with a unique look which makes it hard to tell, even from a bird’s eye view, whether we are looking at a multi-spoke or cross-spoke.

The staggered fitment is a special eye-turner, with the Porsche Cayenne relying on the AEZ Panama high gloss 10x21 on the front axle and 11.5x21 on the rear axle.

No road is too far and no mountain to high – with the trailblazing Porsche Cayenne and AEZ Panama duo.

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