this was 2019

We are looking back at a dazzling year.

Right at the start of 2019, the powerful AEZ Panama showed how multi-faceted the AEZ light alloy wheels are: Free of registration thanks to ECE homologation, with highest precession as well as a load capacity of up to 1,026 kg, make it the perfect companion for heavy vehicles à la SUVs. Its design is unique, which makes every SUV a head-turner, bei it in high gloss or gunmetal diamond cut. A glance at the 2019 companions such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover and Porsche suffices to bear testimony to that.

The love is in the detail

AEZ chief designer Christian Haderer grants a glimpse behind the scenes, presenting the wheel from the drawing board to the finished product. Craftsmanship, know-how, passion as well as the highest quality criteria characterize the AEZ rim production. Here, masterpieces “Made in Germany” are manufactured, a glance into the video is worthwhile:

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AEZ Steam

Summer mirror shine

The winter is hardly over when summer cleaning sets in, required even by rims. The salt and road dirt must go, but beware of aggressive chemicals. In the summer 2019, AEZ revealed how to bring alloy rims to a mirror shine, extending their durability with the right handling.

Spoilt for choice

Alongside the AEZ Panama, two other AEZ rims came on the scene. The AEZ Strike carries the BMW X5 effortlessly, giving the German premium car centre-stage with its dynamic, powerful and elegant design. Thanks to a stylish double cross-spoke design and trendy finish, the AEZ Crest turned the new Audi A3 into a poised sportscar.

AEZ Strike & AEZ Crest

AEZ Adventkalender Artikelbild 1

Another masterpiece just before the end of the year!

The AEZ Advent calendar proves a highlight every year, with breath-taking prizes behind every single door. With a little bit of luck, you will ride into 2020 on new rims.

If not, there’s a bright look-out

Two new wheels are already waiting for their first ride. AEZ Kaiman and AEZ North promise state-of-the-art technical craftiness and set fresh design trends. The AEZ Kaiman comes along in edgy straight lines and is free of registration for the most important mid-range cars thanks to VTA approval and ECE. For a quieter look, car aficionados may opt for the AEZ North. Its double-spoke design exudes timeless elegance and is available in two colour variations.

AEZ Kaiman dark & AEZ North

With such bright prospects we look forward to the year 2020 and wish you all a Happy New Year!
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