Dreamteam - AEZ Straight dark and Volvo V90

AEZ Straight dark Volvo V90 Artikelbild 1

This one’s all about tradition and expertise. Since 1928, the Swedish carmaker has been proving time and again that estate cars are their specialty, making it very clear once again with the latest Volvo V90.

The new Volvo combines Scandinavian clarity with a powerful and elegant look while remaining a good companion for daily use. There are a few good reasons why the V90 won the 2016/17 Plus X Award in its category.

The implied coupé shape gives the Volvo a sporty and aerodynamic look, almost as if made from one piece. This might come at the expense of space, given that a 560-litre car boot capacity is just average. However, passengers will be pleased with the ample provision of leg space.

Affectionate details and premium materials enhance the car’s interior and promise the owner relaxed and comfortable driving pleasure.

State-of-the-art technology, the Pilot Assist system, guarantees partly autonomous driving at speeds of up to 130 km/h. Distance measurement, lane positioning assistance and speed adjustment contribute to the highest driving comfort. The T8 Twin Engine powertrain combines three driving modes: The Hybrid mode without emissions, the Pure Mode using an electric engine and the powerhouse using a combustion engine, the Power mode, as a result, fulfilling all requirements.

AEZ Straight dark Volvo V90 Artikelbild 2

The Volvo promises to be a laid-back and premium glider, with the 20-inch set of tyres giving the car a sporty roll, which makes itself felt especially on curvy country roads.

The AEZ Straight dark goes the extra mile and restores the Volvo’s lack of dynamic through its elegant look with a top modern finish in graphite matte.

The concave wheel dish gives the rim enhanced visual depth – with the keywords here being “maximum concave” – emphasising the ten straight spokes. The bend at the flange and the one-sided “accompanying edge” make the overall package appealingly asymmetrical. Moreover, thanks to the unique AEZ SR3 finish, the Straight dark is perfectly suitable for winter conditions and compatible with the latest, mandatory tyre pressure control systems.

This duo promises pure driving pleasure, combining quality and functionality.

AEZ Straight dark – Data & Facts:

Dimensions: 7.5x17, 8x18, 8x19, 9x19, 8x20, 9x20 and 9,5x20 inches

Attachment: 5-hole

Finish: graphite matt

Construction: cast, single-piece

Load: up to 735 kg

VTA: yes (Germany: ABE)

TPMS: 100 % fit for TPMS

Guarantee: 3 years