Bright prospects

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Clean, polished alloy rims are a must when cruising through the city in spring. The German premium manufacturer for light alloy aftermarket wheels AEZ, has therefore a few care tips at the ready which get the cleaning done in no time.

Environmental influences take a lot out of alloy rims

A mixture of grime, road dirt and brake dust sticks quickly and as hard as rock to all rims which are used in road traffic. Especially the abrasion dust of the brake linings literally burns itself into the coating layer. Even though AEZ rims have three layers for optimal protection – stubborn dirt is still not a good look. And because of that, you are best off to a session of intensive cleaning and then you will enjoy a spring with bright prospects!

Tricks for the preparation

  • Never use a scouring pad or sharp objects for cleaning the rims
  • Don’t use acidic rim cleaners – they may corrode the surface
  • It is best to soak the front wheels first as they are more prone to heavy soiling and then start with the actual cleaning at the back.

General care tips

The following care tips apply basically to all rim cleaning products, available at any well-assorted retailer, and ensure a perfect cleaning of the wheels.

1. Apply the rim cleaner as stated by the manufacturer.

2. Using a high-pressure washer, remove coarse, loose soiling like mud or soil deposit build-ups first. In order to prevent damages to the tyre or rim, keep a minimum distance of 40-50 cm.

3. A cloth or a special rim cleaning brush may be useful in order to completely loosen incrustations and absorb dirt from complex or detailed structures.

4. To finish, rinse the wheel properly with clear water and everything is all shiny again.

5. To prevent water spots, dry the surface in sunshine with a soft cloth.

6. Once the wheels have been cleaned properly, a quick wash – meaning a sponge soaked in car shampoo – will usually suffice for the next couple of times.

AEZ expert tip::

Applying rim wax to the freshly cleaned surface prevents dirt from settling on the rim surface. Dirt is significantly less likely to settle and is much easier to remove. Rim wax has another advantage – it gives the wheel a new shine and protects it from all environmental influences..