AEZ Design Offensive 2018

All brand new rims at a glance.

AEZ Crest highgloss

After the success of the AEZ Crest dark in 2017, AEZ in 2018 follows suit with the AEZ Crest in high gloss. The cross-spoke design has long been a classic in the rim market and thus AEZ offers its customers an extension of the possibilities.

In the past few months, the light alloy manufacturer’s design team has been successful in advancing the classic cross-spoke design, giving the new rim AEZ Crest a double cross-spoke design with a significantly enhanced rim edge, making it look sportier and aggressive.

The wheel is available especially for premium cars such as Porsche Macan, Audi A6 or Q5, Volvo S90 and also Jaguar XF and XE as well as the latest Mercedes S-Class. For the Jaguar F-Pace the rim is available in 21 inches inclusive of VTA(Germany: ABE).



AEZ Forged.Series

Premium quality makes all the difference

Tradition and modernism often lie close to each other. Sometimes they are even combined in one, ultimate product. With the AEZ Forged Series, AEZ has entered the premium class of light alloy wheels. The AEZ Steam.forged is the first AEZ forged wheel with ECE approval, making it completely free of approval to the Tesla Motors S and X models.

Care-free refinement

AEZ offers the Steam.forged as a staggered fitment in the dimensions 8.5x21 and 9x21 for the S model and in 9x22 and 10x22 for the X model, exclusively for electric Tesla cars. Weight plays a vital role for the sporty Tesla Motors cars. Therefore, in a first step, with its Forged.Series AEZ is focusing on these cars to guarantee pure performance.

AEZ Crest high gloss

AEZ Steam.

The new, free of approval, multi-spokes talent.

Free of approval, made in Germany, with a classic design that is perfectly in line with modern cars. This best describes the new AEZ rim. In the elegant trending colour gunmetal front polished, the seemingly classic multi-spokes wheel clearly sets itself apart from the mishmash of mass alloy rims.

15 edgy spokes combine elegance and a sporty design. A balanced and proportionally stepped centre area catches the eye at the centre of the rim. The designers have refined the rim by allowing for a five-fold decorative bore in the centre area, thereby enhancing the wheel’s visual depth in every dimension.




100 percent technology and design

Both technically and visually, the new alloy rim matches 100 percent to a number of car brands including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Volvo, and also Alfa Romeo.

All wheels are fix bored. This means that centring requires no rings, and in many cases the manufacturers’ series fixtures match. In addition, the rim is suitable for OE centre caps for the car brands Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Mini.

For those who like a bit darker, the AEZ Steam is also available in the elegant colour variant graphite matt.