ThE right direction

The AEZ North keeps you on tracK.
AEZ North high gloss & Volvo XC60

A compass always points north, and there is a good reason for that. The north is the most important reference point for navigation. If you know where north is, you can easily orient yourself on any map of the world.

Thanks to its design and technical know-how, the new AEZ North points to the future. With this new wheel, AEZ brings a high-quality product to the market that especially meets the requirements of popular mid-range cars of the Volvo brand. Thanks to an ECE certificate, the AEZ North is a particularly well suited companion for the XC620, XC40, V90, and S90 models. All over Europe, this practical alternative to the manufacturer’s original rims may be fitted without any special registration or approval.

AEZ North dark & Volvo V60

Adaptable and strong

A wide range of 18 to 21 inches contributes to the rim’s versatility, and thanks to having five bores, it can easily be fitted with original bolts and centre caps. With 21 inches, the AEZ North reaches a load of up to 710 kg - a strong partner, but also with a stunning look.

AEZ North dark & AEZ North high gloss

Shiny statements

This discreet and linear double-spoke wheel is available in the colour gunmetal, front-polished as AEZ North dark, and as AEZ North high gloss. Both types ensure a modern, self-confident look and make a statement with regard to design.

The journey is the reward, and the north is the best reference point for any journey. You can easily check which AEZ rim is the best travel companion for you. Just click on the AEZ rim configurator, choose your car type, and scroll through AEZ’s world of wheels.

One thing is for sure: with AEZ North and Volvo you are moving in the right direction.

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