Raise meets Strike – experience the new 2016 designs in the 3D Configurator

730_AEZ Raise BMW M235i_Imagepic16.jpg

Human sight requires the 3rd dimension to find an image realistic. This is also attested to by the current 3D boom in cinemas. Now, the brand-new 2016 rims can be experienced and configured for many current cars in the 3D Configurator: The curtain rises for AEZ Raise and Raise highgloss, AEZ Strike and Strike dark.

The AEZ Raise has five inventively grouped pairs of spokes, all stemming from one root. The gunmetal finish in combination with a polished front makes for a sporty and elegant but also dominant look. The wheel is also available as AEZ Raise highgloss with a silver painted front. Both variants are optimised for TPMS systems. Furthermore, there is an ECE approval for selected models from the Volkswagen group and Mercedes-Benz. This means the rims can be used without any additional documents or licensing.

The AEZ Strike also comes in two different colour versions: “black & polished” or “graphite matt”. It is a “direct hit” for the premium SUV segment, featuring 18, 19 and 20’’ dimensions, a high bearing load and a striking look. Dominant and massive but also sporty and elegant is the AEZ designers’ motto.

Check it out in 3D: www.alcar-wheels.com/Configurator