Car Specific Wheels

What are “Car specific wheels”?

No additional centring rings required

Use of original centre caps possible in most cases

Use of original bolts possible in most cases


“Car specific wheels” are rims especially developed for a desired car. When using these rims, no centring rings are required for installations. In most cases, the car-mounted original bolts and centre caps of manufacturers can be used.

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Our experiences of the past few years have clearly shown that everything is moving towards an easy-to-use product. Through its own “car specific wheels” heading, this special product group is clearly designated in all online as well as offline tools, of the ALCAR Group.

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To this end, in the development of new designs, ALCAR placed special emphasis on the fact that no additional centring rings are needed for car specific wheels. Often, customers will not even require special fixtures, allowing them to use the existing original wheel bolts or nuts of car manufacturers. As early as in the development phase of rims, special attention is given to the ability to use the original centre caps, too. In addition, the majority of wheels is awarded a VTA (Vehicle Type Approval, Germany: ABE) or ECE approval, providing end consumers with the simplest alternative to more expensive original rims, all of which is free of approval.


In our product range overview you can choose the matching wheels for your car by applying the various filters.

All rims bearing this symbol are "car-specific wheels".