Time warp – 2018 in overdrive

2018 hit the home stretch, leaving behind an unforgettable imprint.
AEZ Spring my ride

The leap into the new year 2018 resulted in a glittering start into spring. In line with the motto “Spring my Ride”, AEZ presented a spring clean rundown in ten easy steps. A short glimpse into the bag of tricks revealed that even tooth paste can ensure crystal-clear headlights.

AEZ Steam and AEZ Steam graphite

The AEZ Steam was also in the spotlight this year!

Whether polished to a high gloss or trendy in gunmetal, the AEZ Steam was the visual highlight of 2018, combining elegance and sportiness with its classic 15-edge multi-spoke design.

The AEZ Steam is a reliable wheel for the entire year, thanks to ECE approval free of registration, and defies all weather conditions with the special SR3 paint.

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Well-equipped with the AEZ Steam into the summer!

In keeping with the motto “Wheel of Life”, we created an image movie which showcased the light alloy wheel in the best possible way. The companion: a BMW 4 Series Convertible, the venue: a breath-taking coastal road in Pag, and with it the feeling of freedom. That’s how adventures start!

On our journey through the year we encountered several other companions, such as the BMW 520d F10, the Jaguar XF Sportback or the Audi A8. Together with the new AEZ wheels, they made for phenomenal and memorable website pictures. And not to forget the Tesla Model S. Innovation connects, which becomes very obvious when combining Tesla and AEZ Steam.Forged. The AEZ Steam.Forged is the first AEZ forged wheel with ECE approval and therefore completely free of registration for the models S and X by Tesla Motors.

Other AEZ top models also cruised through the year 2018. The AEZ Straight dark did credit to the sport factor of the BMW 6 Series GT, enhancing the sporty look through staggered fitment and its distinctive ten spokes design.

AEZ Ready for Winter

Cruising is fun, not only during summers

To avoid flash freezing in the cold season, as part of our autumn campaign “Ready for Winter”, we held a great draw to remind customers to change their tyres… And never to forget about the thumb rule “From O to E”!

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The image movie “Your Passion Your Wheels” demonstrated how smoothly one can ride on snow and ice. The AEZ Steam graphite, together with the Mercedes E Class Convertible, drifted through the snowy winter landscape, massively upping the style and fun factor.

Once the first snow flakes hit the ground, Christmas is just around the corner, and tradition calls the AEZ Advent calendar to the scene. Behind every door a surprise in a class of its own was hiding, which outshone one or the other Christmas gift.

The AEZ Crest featured strongly, too, adorning two heavy-weights, the Jaguar E-Pace and the BMW X2. The edgy double cross-spoke design looks aggressive and confident.

AEZ Panama and AEZ Panama dark

Just as confident will be the look of the new addition in the 2019 wheel range – the AEZ Panama. This rim is the power house of the upcoming year, with an ECE homologation and a load of up to 1,026 kg. A reliable partner especially for SUVs.

The AEZ Panama embodies stamina and dynamic, it is powerful and heavy-duty, and yet exudes ease and elegance.

We look forward to a powerful year 2019!

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