A very special dream team


Some of our photoshoots are so extraordinary that we remember them for a long time and with great pleasure. In the case of the fascinatingly styled AEZ Havanna dark, the modern wheel for heavier (electric or hybrid) cars, not only did the location have a very special flair.

The partner of the Havanna, the Tesla Model Y LR, is also a special specimen of its kind. The provocatively red electric racer with all-wheel drive and a whopping 517 horsepower comes from a specialist known in the scene as „Tesla Moe“ for his modifications.

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Individual look

As Europe’s best-selling car in 2023, the Model Y from electric car pioneer Tesla has created a large and loyal fan base. "Tesla Moe" provides individual, highly sporty looks with his modifications, which are particularly evident in the spectacular front end.


And of course, this calls for a wheel that perfectly harmonises with this styling and also sets its own strong accents – like the AEZ Havanna dark with its cool mix of refined twists, three-dimensional effects, and contrast-rich front polishing, which is ideal for electric cars, hybrids, or other slightly larger calibres with a load capacity of up to 1,045kg. The Havanna is available in dimensions from 8x19 to 10.5x21 inches. On our shooting vehicle, AEZ Havanna dark wheels were mounted in dimensions of 9.5x21 ET40 255/35 (front axle) and 10.5x21 ET48 275/35 (rear axle).

Picturesque location

Why our photo team chose to go to one of Austria’s top wineries, we couldn’t clarify 100 percent afterwards. But it was insisted quite soberly that it had only to do with “the beauty of the surroundings”. Okay, if you look at the photos, the combination of Havanna dark and Tesla Model Y in front of the beautifully situated hotel Scheiblhofer The Resort looks very harmonious – as our Video demonstrates impressively.


Other fish in the sea

Even though we have already fallen for our perfect couple Tesla Model Y & Havanna dark, we also have a few other wheel designs that we can imagine quite well on the Model Y. Starting with the somewhat more discreet and mysterious Havanna grey and the AEZ Atlanta with its colour variants black and titanium, the playful Leipzig in black and dark, to the pronouncedly convex Panama in dark and high gloss. Like for the Havanna, ECE certificates are also available for these wheel types, allowing for easy Plug&Drive.


Looking for inspiration?

Have our photos and the video inspired you? You can find even more suggestions, tips, and tricks on our social media channels on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. The AEZ-3D-Konfigurator is also a great help because it allows you to see exactly how the desired wheel looks on your own car.

And finally, a hot tip for all Tesla fans and those who are aspiring to become one: From May 24th to 26th, Teslas will swarm in Flachau near Salzburg, as the largest Tesla meeting in Europe will take place there.

You can find more information about the “TeslaTakeOver” here: https://www.teslatakeover.eu

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