Some things never change: For many years, Mercedes cars have been synonymous with top quality and stylish design. A diverse world of premium cars opens up between the A-Class and the S-Class, covering a wide range from the fully electric EQA to the sporty AMG models.

The AEZ Berlin has been developed especially for cars with stars, and with its classic multi-spoke design it proves a worthy companion to Mercedes models. The 5-hole multi-spoke wheel is available in the variations “black” and “dark”, with the two-tone “black” placing the emphasis on the sporty note while the “dark” enhancing the elegance of Mercedes cars.


With its two design variations black and dark, the AEZ Berlin fits like a glove on the Mercedes A-, B-, C-, and E-Class models, and owing to its high payload of up to 775kg, it can also be mounted on the GLC, the electric EQA, and several AMG variations.

With ECE and VTA fitment, they can be used free-of-registration – just Plug&Drive! The dimensions range from 7.5x18″ to 9.0x19″.


The AEZ Berlin black is the latest variation of the multi-spoke rim, providing a shiny, distinctly sporty look to the familiar Mercedes style due to its polished rim flange.

The AEZ Berlin dark, on the other hand, banks on a front polish, playing with the elegant contrast between the wheel’s black depth and the shimmering accent in the polished alloy front.

Both obtain their special visual appeal from the subtly snappy contours of the 20 individual spokes designed as five, intertwined double Vs. The recessed centre section offers another, surprising visual effect of the one-piece cast rim.

AEZ being what it is, the AEZ Berlin is also pre-equipped for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The new model will be available from autumn 2022 onward.

If you want to take a peek at what your car would look like on AEZ Berlin dark or AEZ Berlin black, check out the AEZ rim configurator. Here, you will also find all other models from the AEZ product range.

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