Riding through life in style

The AEZ North, paired with the Audi Q5, embodies elegance and lifestyle
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Slanted lines

The new entry in the Audi series isn’t new from the front and easily recognizable as a Q5, but from the B column onwards the coupé’s new look starts to show.
A distinctly slanted roof edge leads to the narrow rear window, ending above the roof edge spoiler which defines the line that is typical of coupés.
The new form takes away some of the Q5’s trunk space which now holds between 510 and 1,480 litres, depending on the seat position, while retaining the same length and height.

Audi Q5 AEZ North

Audi Q5 AEZ North

Technology that looks ahead

A centrally positioned 10.1-inch display gives a good overview of the Q5’s infotainment features. The interconnected system can be activated with “Hey Audi”, and provides information on free parking space at the destination, accidents, traffic jams and weather conditions on the planned route.

In addition to the regular Audi assistance systems, a predicative efficiency assistant is featured, too. The system analyses traffic signs that are captured by a camera, automatically adjusting the car to the traffic situation and route – a quick grip of the steering wheel makes the system turn in corners.


Audi Q5 AEZ North

All-wheel drive featuring four drive variants

All Q5 Sportback versions boast a sport chassis and all-wheel drive.
When it comes to drive variants, you can choose from diesel, fuel and a diesel mild hybrid system.

The basic version is a 40 TDI Quattro that meets the latest Euro exhaust gas standard. The six-cylinder turbo diesel of the Q5 50 TDI goes up to 286 hp and is surpassed only by the SQ5 Sportback inclusive of a V6 turbo diesel engine, providing up to 700 newton meters. If you prefer running on fuel, go with the 45 TFSI Quattro.

Wide range of dimensions

You can ride the Q5 on wheels between 18 and 21 inches, but perfect dynamics require quality partners. The modern double-spoke design of the AEZ North dark is a win not only visually, but offers the technical know-how for a safe ride. Thanks to ECE approval, the AEZ North dark can be fitted all across Europe completely free of registration.

The AEZ North dark, in combination with the new Audi Q5, makes you enjoy life in style paired with top quality.

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