Perfect performance meets quality guarantee

This winter, stay on track with AEZ and the new Mercedes and BMW models.
Innovation and sophisticated craftsmanship won’t let you down this winter season. AEZ has found reliable partners in the newest Mercedes and BMW models which promise not only quality and safe driving pleasure but also come in the latest look.
Mercedes GLA AEZ North high gloss

Successful SUVs
SUV models are still trending, and therefore remain cutting-edge. In 2020, Mercedes is banking on the second generation of their GLA. The new entry is taller and shorter than its predecessor. With 435 litres of boot capacity and individually adjustable seats, it offers plenty of room while leaving enough space for modern technology. Large, high-tech screens and many gadgets can be found in the chicly fitted front area. Once you’ve got an overview of all functions, you can take over control using the voice recognition.

Before doing that, you should make up your mind about which model to select, because the GLA comes in various versions, ranging from the petrol model GLA 180 and the GLA 250 4MATIC, the GLA250e, the AMG GLA 45 S 4MATIC+ to the five diesel models, with the key difference being the price which starts at 40.000 euros and ends at roughly 80.000 euros.

All models promise performance, which translates optimally to the road.

AEZ North high gloss

For things to run smoothly, you need a dependable partner. With the AEZ North in high gloss and 8.5x21″ ET 39.0, not only the technical components add up, but also the design. The elegant rim in a double-spoke design meets the technical requirements of upper mid-range cars. Thanks to VTA and TÜV approvals, the AEZ North high gloss is the perfect alternative and a reliable as well as stylish winter wheel.

BMW 2 Coupe AEZ Tioga titan

Sporty ride
With the 2 Series Gran Coupé, BMW offers a car for all those who love a not-your-every-day model. The front says sportscar while the rear screams top dog. With a length of 4.53 metres and a wheelbase of 2.67 metres, this coupé’s cabin space won’t come up short either. It comfortably seats four adults to enjoy a great ride.

The cockpit’s appealing design not only is a visual highlight, it also provides a couple of technical refinements without overdoing it. The BMW Coupé is equipped with a front-wheel drive while you can also go for the M model featuring a rear-wheel drive, with a 0 to 100 sprint time of 8.3 seconds. Thanks to traction control and an enormously safe swerve and load-change behaviour, the BMW glides comfortably over the roads.

A finely tuned, drive-active technology that features various drive modes, provides driving pleasure that can be adjusted individually.

AEZ Tioga titan

With the AEZ Tioga titan, the BMW Coupé teams up with a reliable partner, setting the right look. In the 7.5x18″ ET 50 version, the wheel-to-car proportion is just perfect.

The AEZ Tioga’s elegant design absolutely matches the BMW’s modern lines, boosting the look of all common mid-range models.

Thanks to ECE, the free-of-approval fitment, it can be mounted without registration. With the AEZ Tioga, you have a strong partner by your side, even in winter, as the SRC paint will protect you from damages caused by ice and sludge.

How about a rim change? It pays off to browse through the AEZ rim configurator. Simply enter your car model and try out the AEZ North or AEZ Tioga look on your own car.

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