Everything but ordinary: the AEZ Havanna


Our designers have truly outdone themselves again: the AEZ Havanna stands out with its modern design language, inspired by Caribbean joy of life.

Lively, diverse, and surprising, not only is the Cuban capital, Havana, the source of the extraordinary AEZ wheel's name. With a unique combination of various design elements, the AEZ Havanna creates its own fascinating aura.


Its design language is highly modern, playing with asymmetry as well as planar elements, unexpected twists, and three-dimensional effects.

The ten spokes together form a propeller-like structure, connected by a distinctive, ribbed recess in the rim flange area that creates five double spokes – it's a design that begs a second and third look. The AEZ Havanna is available in dimensions ranging from 8.0x19 to 10.5x21 inches and in the colour variants “glossy black front-polished” and “glossy gunmetal”.


This unique design piece, owing to its high wheel load of up to 1045 kg, is particularly suitable for larger calibre vehicles such as the Mercedes EQC, Audi SQ8 e-tron, Audi Q7, Tesla Model Y and Model S Plaid, BMW i7 and BMW 7, as well as the BMW X3 and X4, Volvo classics like XC90, XC60, C40, XC40, or even the VW ID.5. Thanks to the ECE fitments of the five-hole rim, with most vehicle types, it's a simple case of “Plug&Drive”.

For those curious about how the AEZ Havanna looks on their own car, it's easy to experiment using the AEZ rim configurator. Further tips, tricks, trends, and a highly active community can be found on AEZ's social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

AEZ Havanna – Facts & Figures:

Dimensionen: 8,0x19, 8,5x19, 9,0x19, 8,0x20, 8,5x20, 9,0x20, 9,5x20, 10,0x20, 8,5x21, 9,0x21, 9,5x21,10,5x21 inches

Bore: 5-hole fitment

Finishes: glossy black front-polished, glossy gunmetal

Construction: cast, one-piece

ECE: Mercedes EQC, Audi SQ8 e-tron, Audi Q7, Teslas Model Y und Model S Plaid, BMW i und BMW 7, BMW X3 und X4, Volvo XC90, XC60, C40 XC40, VW ID.5

VTA: many models

Load: up to 1045 kg (10.5x21ʺ)

Warranty: 3 years

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