Massive dynamism for the flagship electric car


Mercedes is talking about the beginning of a new era with the EQS, not the first, but the most advanced electric car from Stuttgart. With the flagship model built on a skateboard platform with the battery positioned between the axles, Mercedes aims to be at the vanguard of the electric revolution and set new standards.

The luxuriously as well as elegantly designed EQS contrasts effectively with the delicately designed AEZ Leipzig black. These two renowned specialists in e-mobility come together to form an intriguing combination.


Luxury and comfort everywhere

With a wheelbase of 3.21 meters, the EQS offers a first-class seating arrangement, making it a fine touring car in S-Class format. Even with the standard cockpit, the EQS feels like a space cruiser, and it can be optionally equipped with a three-part monitor landscape that arches from door to door.

Here, organic, round shapes contribute to a harmonious overall appearance while the bow-shaped side view, without heavily contoured transitions, also exudes a charmingly futuristic style.

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Master of contrast

With its almost sharp-edged appearance and finely branched spokes that create a surprising twist with their gently twisted surfaces, the Leipzig black, with its compact and massive centre section, forms an exciting contrast to the smooth flowing lines of the ultra-modern EQS. As you can see very well in our picture, the Leipzig wheels that are mounted all around and measure a generous 9.5x22 inches (tyres: 265/35/22), provide a solid foundation for the EQS’s massive presence. These premium wheels also add an extra dynamic touch to the serene design of the EQS.


Powerful, fast, and silent

The EQS is available with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and one or two engines, ranging from 333 to 658 horsepower. All models can glide almost silently on the roads if desired, or they can emphasize their presence with simulated V8 sounds or other tones.

The driving comfort is at the highest level, but the adaptive air suspension can also be set for a firmer ride. Those who invest in the recommended all-wheel steering get a highly agile and sporty 5.2-metre saloon with instant and immense electric motor torque that can be perfectly controlled and delivered to the road.

Free-of-registration Plug&Drive

Thanks to its load capacity of 1,045kg per wheel, the Leipzig black is suitable for all large premium SUVs or BEVs and is available in various dimensions ranging from 20 to 22 inches. It features many free-of-registration fitments, thanks to ECE certification. The AEZ Leipzig, along with many other rim designs, can be viewed on your own car using the convenient rim configurator. Enjoy experimenting!

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