Sporty-elegant combination

The AEZ Montreal meets the Peugeot 508 SW and BMW X1

High load capacity, sporty design: The new AEZ Montreal is a very elegant wheel with inner values, ideally suited to give a finishing touch to especially expressively designed mid-range cars. As the flagship of the Peugeot brand, the 508 (SW) is an extremely harmonious presence, styled down to the smallest detail. The compact SUV BMW X1, in its recently slightly revised attire, also attracts attention and combines elegance with a touch of sporty aggressiveness.

Dynamic and fashionable

With the Montreal, seen in the picture in the colour variants black und dark, AEZ demonstrates how a fundamentally classic double-spoked rim can become a highly fashionable accessory with a sporty touch. Whether the progressive design is accentuated by high-gloss elements, as in the X1-Montreal dark combination, or it supports the design-forward appearance of the 508 SW in glossy black, the sporty-elegant presence of both cars gains radiance through the visual expressiveness of the Montreal.


Too beautiful for winter?

As convincing as our combination may appear in the pictures, some may wonder how to drive through winter where ice and snow, salt, and gravel attack the refined rim surface. The simple answer: with ease, because the innovative SRC coating, which provides a hard and corrosion-resistant surface, can handle a harsh winter.

Nowadays, there's no reason to have to drive through the dark season with plain, narrow steel rims. With modern winter tyres, there's no need to compromise on size or width – you can simply ride the rims you prefer.

A few tips

Before mounting the long-awaited new winter rims on your car, it's essential to clean the summer wheels thoroughly, mark them, and hang or stack them in a cool, dry, and light-protected space. Neither rims nor tyres should come into contact with chemicals, oils, greases, gasoline, or paints. Importantly, before the next season, you should check the condition of the tyres. For the mounted winter wheels, it's recommended to increase the prescribed tyre pressure (measured when cold) by 0.2 bar to ensure optimal pressure despite cold outside temperatures.


A different kind of family allrounder

Whether you opt for a classic estate car like the Peugeot 508 SW or a compact SUV like the BMW X1 is a matter of taste. Both share a good selection of petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines, with the X1 even available as the fully electric iX1 – not a problem for the Montreal with its load capacity of up to 815 kg.

It is typically BMW in terms of driving dynamics and tends to be sporty, showcasing a modern concave centre display. The coupe-like 508 SW with its unique "iCockpit" featuring a small steering wheel under the cockpit display, boasts sporty genes in the interior and is, quite rare in this segment, optionally equipped with the "Nightvision" night system. Both offer ample space and practical storage areas.


Free of registration in many sizes

Since the AEZ Montreal has VTA and ECE approvals for many dimensions from 18 to 20 inches, it can be easily mounted. In addition to the examples with the X1 (8x20, 245/40) and 508 SW (8x20, 225/40), the Montreal is suitable for numerous other vehicles in these classes.

In the AEZ rim configurator, you can check how the AEZ Montreal would look like on your car, which is fairly simple. In addition to the Montreal, you can “try on” many other attractive rim models in various designs and colour schemes – the attempt is always worthwhile!

Firsthand tips, tricks, and trends

For those who want to stay up to date on current rim trends, unique or particularly harmonious combinations, a visit to one of AEZ's social media channels is recommended. Here, you can find plenty of tips, tricks, and information about the vast world of AEZ rims. Visit us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

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