Design-strong duo

The Cupra Formentor and the AEZ Porto dark


Both are brand-new, both are blessed with expressive form. When extrovert car design from Spain meets the most recent variety of a classic cross-spoke, the result has to be exciting.

And, once again, AEZ proves that it wastes no time to react to new car models, always presenting the matching rims with the necessary certifications.


Classic construction with shiny details

Cross-spoke rims are highly popular for a reason. The allow for combining witty-subtle details with a classic basic construction. The overall look of the AEZ Porto dark is dominated by delicate spokes with inclined surfaces while the centre section is kept very compact.

The special demeanour comes from a contrast that is generated between the polished spokes segments and the basic paint in gunmetal. In our exemplary picture the Cupra Formentor wears the AEZ wheels in 8.5x21 inches, a proud format that brings out the Porto dark’s full richness of detail.

This rim is also available in many other dimensions between 18 and 21 inches, which makes it especially suitable for premium cars in the mid- and upper mid-range.

Muscular and extravagant

The Spanish Seat brand is well-known for innovative design. Seat’s sporty spearhead, the Cupra, has been pushing the status quo ever since its re-establishment. This is particularly impressive in the first completely independent model, the Cupra Formentor crossover.

With a lower and sloping roofline, the Spaniard stands out from the masses of SUV coupés, featuring its signature aggressive front, while the muscular rear section with the characteristic LED strip and the distinct, four tailpipes make the Formentor a highly expressive model.


Group toolbox quality

Look-wise the Formentor stands out from the masses while technically it relies on a proven recipe. Based on the VW Group’s MQB platform, Seat has brought in everything modern and suitable for daily use, starting with the wide engine variety which is combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (six-speed manual gear change is reserved for standard trims).

The chassis is optionally adaptive, the distribution of space is very generous, and the infotainment system is state-of-the-art as is controlling it.

Something for everyone

As regards motorization, Formentor customers can choose from seven aggregates that are partially coupled to drives and gearbox variations. It starts with diesel and petrol engines with 110kW (150hp) and front drive.

The other performance stages among the four-cylinder all-wheel drives range from 140kW (190hp) to 228kW (310hp). The highlight is the five-cylinder VZ5 with 287kW (390hp), sprinting from zero to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds. The 1.4 e-hybrid is available with 150kW (204hp) or as VZ with 180kW (245hp).

No matter what trim you choose: Together with the AEZ Porto dark, the Cupra Formentor will always cut a fine figure. Different car, different taste?

The AEZ configurator will find the right one for every model.

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