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Since its market launch in 1999, the BMW X5 has been one of the most coveted car models in its class, as evidenced by the fact that the X5 has been topping the most-stolen list for many years.

In its current G05 generation, the large SUV has been in the market since 2018. And the AEZ Leipzig has been especially developed for large premium SUVs of the calibre of an X5 as well as heavy electric rides.

With a payload of more than 1000kg and a massive appearance featuring surprisingly delicate design elements, the AEZ Leipzig is the perfect footgear for beefy cars, as our latest video demonstrates. AEZ now boasts a wide selection of attractive and free-of-registration wheels for electric and hybrid cars.

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In its currently most interesting design, the brawny X5 as xDrive45e relies on economical and ecological hybrid technology which, if used as a booster, can lend plenty of sportiness, given the overall system performance of 394hp and 600Nm.


The example in the picture uses the AEZ Leipzig’s largest dimension of 22 inches (VA 9.5x22 inches, HA 10.5x22 inches) as a powerfully designed eyecatcher to provide a solid and dynamic foundation for the impressive presence of the turbo six-cylinder featuring a standard all-wheel drive.

Especially in the combination with the colour variation glossy black front-polished, the result is a sporty and compact footgear with a surprisingly light-footed overall appearance. Together with the fitted tyres in the dimensions 275/35/22 on the front axle and 315/30/22 in the rear, the wheel-tyre combination is even free-of-registration.

Playing around with a mix of sporty refinement and unobtrusive elegance, the AEZ Leipzig dark emphasises the two juxtaposing poles of the X5 sDrive45e.

In everyday life, this is a generously spacious companion that provides excellent comfort due to standard air suspension and an ultra-silent drive. However, at the push of a button, the air suspension is ready to take this beast on the highway.

Also, the 2.5-ton weighing hybrid’s smart drive will steer off its cuddly course, if need be, shifting faster and harder, with the wonderfully smooth inline six cranking up like a turbine at full throttle, ideally supported by the e-boost. A sporty 5.6 seconds pass before revving up to 100km/h, with top speeds reaching an impressive 235km/h.


However, the hybrid technology can also be used to save fuel, allowing for a minimum of 60km of fully electric riding at up to 135km/h, with the 24-kWh lithium ion battery driving an 83-kW strong electric engine that has been integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic, operating all four wheels.

If you leave it to the car and use, for example, the “Eco Pro” hybrid mode, the X5 is surprisingly economical thanks to eagerly recuperating or downhill sailing.

Together with the AEZ Leipzig dark, the X5 xDrive45e makes for an overall harmonious look, capable of optimally implementing and using its highly developed qualities.

You would like to try out the AEZ Leipzig on your own car? Easy. Simply check out the AEZ rim configurator. Enter your car details and admire all matching wheels. The rim configurator also provides plenty of useful and informative recommendations.

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