In its second generation, the compact Audi Q3 has thrown the spotlight on its best features.The popular SUV model is more dynamic and muscular, brimming with confidence. The Audi’s distinctive, coupé-inspired character can be further enhanced by the brand-new AEZ Atlanta – seen here in the titan paint finish. The combination of classic design and surprising accents harmonises beautifully with the Audi Q3’s decidedly sporty design.


Easy to fit

On the pictures, the Q3 Sportback is seen standing on AEZ Atlanta titan in the dimension 8.5x20 inches and tyres in the 255/40 R20 format. This combination has ECE approval, allowing for easy and free-of-registration fitment on the Q3. The multi-spoke rim with the 5-hole fitment also comes in the dimensions 7.5x17 to 9.5x20 inches, making it available for many models and SUVs in the mid-range with hybrid or e-drives. But let’s take another look at the Audi Q3.

Place aplenty and design borrowings from the bigger sibling

After last year’s facelift, the Q3 has a stronger resemblance to its sibling, the Q5, displaying more punch and premium quality owing to the octagonal radiator grille, the standard LED headlights, and the significantly more accentuated front. Furthermore, the compact Audi SUV is very generous in terms of space, with many well-thought-out interior details offering great utility value.

The Audi Q3 and Atlanta titan marriage oozes an expressive, stylish and mysterious contrast. The light alloy wheel’s compact, edged centre section brings about a certain level-headedness while the straight-line spokes in graphite matte, together with the high gloss polished ends at the spot leading to the flange, make for a smart statement.


Three petrol, two diesel engines, and one hybrid engine

In terms of engine variety, the Q3 meets nearly every need. The basic petrol and diesel engines are each available with 110kW (150hp; 35 TFSI, 35 TDI) and a front-wheel drive. The more powerful petrol engines, boasting 140 or 180kW (190/245hp), are coupled to the “quattro” all-wheel-drive, which also applies to the 147kW (200hp) diesel engine. In the advanced 45 TFSIe plug-in hybrid, the electric engine and petrol aggregate split the labour while the system output also stands at 190kW (245hp) in total. With a load-bearing capacity of 780kg per rim, the Atlanta is not only fit for hybrids, which have a higher weight by design, but is also suitable for fully electrically driven cars with their heavy batteries.

All onboard for a safe ride

The configurable, digital combination instrument and the heavily tilted touch display ensure that the driver of the Q3 is always up to date on all driving data, controlling all important functions, optionally even using signature recognition. The safety system “pre sense front” is always onboard, warning of critical situations with cyclists or pedestrians. The assist systems can be upgraded, for example, to include adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist or fully automated parking system. The Audi Q3’s conventional safety technology is also highly developed: In the Euro NCAP crash test, the SUV coupé obtained five stars out of five, with the functions of the above-mentioned assist systems being rated as “outstanding”.

Get a sneak preview of the AEZ Atlanta by simply checking out the AEZ rim configurator. Enter your own car details, and take a good look at the new wheel. The rim configurator furthermore offers many useful and informative pointers.

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